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Team WardiTV

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Sebastian "Lazy" Zuill
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Team WardiTV, formerly known as Team SC2Improve was formed in February 2012 by Jonathan "Wardí" Ward to compliment the growing in game community "SC2Improve". Originally intended as a practice intensive team, Team SC2Improve quickly became a team of strong friendships. Over the past two years there were up and downs but the core members remain as the team. They have competed in multiple seasons of SC2CL and OMGL, most recently they have qualified for the First Division of the SC2Improve Team League Season 2.

Team SC2Improve at Epic 12 - (Sabre, Wardi, Grimzzy and MystiC, from left to right)


At its origin WardiTV consisted of primarily lower league players, mostly Platinum and Diamond ranked. As time has progressed, so too has the skill level of the team with original member MystiC reaching Grandmaster and other members reaching the high master level.

The history of WardiTV has not been without drama. The "Yahweh Incident" of 2013 and the great exodus of 2014 when core members Mix and Poultrypouch left the team are examples of this. However generally the team has remained stable, relying on a loyal core of original members MystiC, Krallman and Wardi, along with newer member MangO.

2014 and a new direction[edit]

The new-look TSI at epicLAN (From left to centre, Coach Pouch, Captain MystiC, Manager Wardi, Figaro, Aicy and Mix

Since recovering from the great exodus of 2014 WardiTV has reached a new level of skill and dedication. With Terran player MystiC reaching Grandmaster, and reserve ace Mix nearly achieving Grandmaster. The team is 15-0 in SC2CL Season 10 on the back of performances from reliable team league stalwart MangO. In addition to strong performances in SC2CL the team qualified for Division 1 of the SC2Improve Team league Season 2. The team is only expected to grow under the guidance of the experienced duo of Team Captain Krallman and Head Coach Pouch.

Rebranding and WardiTV[edit]

In 2016 the SC2Improve organisation closed its doors and reemerged as WardiTV, consequently Team SC2Improve also rebranded, becoming Team WardiTV. The team management has experienced some changes with Joshua "RiSky" "Slayer of Fofog" "King of Epiclan" "Chiselled God" Hayward taking over the reins as Team Manager and Team Captain. Sebastian "Lazy" Zuill was picked out as coach after much deliberation and consideration of several prospective candidates, with some suggesting he was even selected over the Legendary Chris "GrimzzyLad" Hunt. Team manager Joshua "RiSky" Hayward" stated that he was chosen "in recognition of his astute understanding of the game and sheer passion for Starcraft". Long standing member Thomas "MystiC" Morrish has taken over the vice-captaincy to support RiSky in his role and bring stability to the organisation after some early hiccups.

As the team closes out 2016 WardiTV continues to enjoy unparalleled dominance of the UK scene with RiSky clinching 1st at Epic 19 and Kane "ThePubertyZerg" Moore taking his second win at Epic 18, whilst team regular Aicy "Tommy" Couzens picked up a title at Epic 15. It remains to be seen whether second placed Fofog can provide any challenge to "Wardi's boys" and some have speculated that the UK scene may never be competitive again. At Epic 19 team groupie Remlif had this to say: "It was horrible, I almost felt sorry for them really - if I was one of those Fofog guys I probably wouldn't even turn up next time". The future of the 'rivalry' hangs in the balance with all to play for going into Epic 20.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20182019
United KingdomAicyTommy Couzens2014-07-??--
United KingdomBakemonodaRaymond Lau--
United KingdomCladTheLadDave Phillips--
United KingdomFIGAROJasha Birrell2015-??-??--
SerbiaJoNesboVasilije Kekovic--
United KingdomLaZySebastian Zuill--
United KingdomMixKane Moore2014-07-??--
United KingdomMystiCThomas Morrish2014-07-??--


Inactive Players
IDNameJoin DateInactive Date20182019
United KingdomGrimzzyChris Hunt--
SwedenLeoLeonard Carlén--
NorwayMangOTorstein Engen--
United KingdomPoultrypouchJoey Richardson--
United KingdomRotcodJake Forsey--


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
RomaniaDestructiconAlexandru Victor Durbaca
SwedenGyaruBjörn Clauson
LuxembourgJackOJacques Fuchs201?-??-??2013-??-?? ESC Icybox
SwedenJedwardJonathan Edwardsson
SwedenKrallmanGustav Lindfors
SwedenMephtralMarkus Danhage
FrancenazRTheodore Kouteynikoff
United KingdomRazerBladerRaza Sekha201?-??-??201?-??-?? ECVisualize
United KingdomRiSkyJoshua Hayward2016-??-??2017-04-27 mYinsanity
United KingdomSabreAndy Wilson201?-??-??201?-??-??
SwedenSnowYSamuel Karlbom
SwedenYahwehDan Kirichenko


ID Name Position
United Kingdom Seb Sebastian Zuill Head Coach
United Kingdom RiSky Joshua Hayward Manager

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