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Jared "Hiei" Scruggs
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Jared "Hiei" Scruggs
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Team oGaming is a professional North American eSports team, that competes actively in Starcraft 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: GO. Our team motto "Spectemur Agendo" in Latin standing for "Let us be judged by our actions".

Team oGaming was founded in September 2003 as a competitive Starcraft:Broodwar team. It did not take long before the team would become a household name, boasting a number of champion players from all corners of the globe. The famous "oG)" tag would be a common sight to be seen in the WGTOUR, PGTOUR, ICCUP ladders at the time, with the team also being well represented in World Cyber Games events and oGaming members representing their countries in the Nation Wars format. The team went into hiatus in early 2007, as the Starcraft Broodwar scene slowly started to stagnate. Team oGaming would make a return later in 2010, with the fresh release of Starcraft 2. Team oGaming would later add popular Moba titles League of Legends in 2011 and Dota2 2012 to our ranks. With the team also adding adding a Starcraft 2 Academy at the beginning of 2013, although the academy team would later merge with the pro team.

After several key members of management left oGaming, and those left cited a lack of desire to keep the team going, Team oGaming closed its doors on January 3rd, 2014.[Citation needed]


  • January 1st, Kane is loaned to oGaming as an import player from Pulse Esports to participate in team leagues.
  • January 6th, KurOa the Japanese Protoss player joins Team oGaming.
  • February 28th, the former academy team of vVv Gaming, Aspire, merges with Team oGaming to create an academy roster.[1]
  • March 23rd Hendralisk joins oGaming as an import player for Team Leagues to replace Kane, prior to joining Complexity.
  • April 20th Chance aka WildBoar joins Prime.
  • May 3rd, RuFF joins oGaming.
  • May 12th, FlatLine departs the Team.}
  • May 14th, ImbaASfuts and Team oGaming part ways.
  • May 16th, Eifer joins oGaming.
  • May 17th, DeathAngel joins oGaming.
  • May 19th, DeParture. joins oGaming.
  • May 19th, JonnyREcco. joins oGaming.
  • May 25th, Traveller. returns to oGaming.
  • June 24th, ColdScars. joins oGaming.
  • June 24th, Eifer and Team oGaming part ways.
  • July 5th, DeathAngel is moved from the active roster.
  • July 24th, KiToO Joins oGaming.
  • August 2nd, ColdScars and Team oGaming part ways.
  • August 5th, Affenzahn and Tenza promoted to the Pro team.
  • August 20th, DeParture and oGaming part ways.
  • August 29th Elevation and Team oGaming part ways.
  • September 2nd, JonnyREcco and Team oGaming part ways.
  • September 15th, The Pro team and Academy team have joined to make one active roster.
  • September 18th, Coldflame is moved to the inactive list.
  • September 22nd, Killing and Team oGaming part ways.
  • October 15th, TheDannysaur joins Team oGaming as the official caster.
  • November 8th, The Owner of oGaming (Alex Kalitsounakis) resigns and Jack Dunne is tasked with leading the team.
  • November 12th, RuFF and Team oGaming part ways.
  • November 27th, Coldflame is moved to the active list.
  • December 13th, assistant team manager KiloKilo and Team oGaming part ways.
  • December 16th, Halcyon and Team oGaming part ways.
  • March 22nd, Team oGaming sends team captain breaCh to MLG Columbus 2012. Where breaCh makes it to round 3 of the losers brackets.
  • May 13th, Buzz takes 4th place at BaseLAN 23.
  • June 12, BonkerZ joins the team.
  • July 10th, Team oGaming announce Raidcall as a new sponsor.
  • October 21st, Team oGaming recruits ImbaASfuts and TOP after Legit Gaming disbands.
  • November 23rd, Toxsik is announced as Team oGaming's new Captain. Replacing breaCh.
  • April 6th, Team oGaming expands, forming a second team on the Europe server. MaNdo, Traveller, Kamisama, Meatbucket and Healthy form part of the starting lineup.
  • May 16th, Baselan # 21 KellY 2nd place.
  • June 25th, Team oGaming recruits ThirdEye.
  • July 10th, Team oGaming adds a new sponsor, "Fatality Networking".
  • July 11th, Team oGaming recruits TheoRy.
  • August 1st, TheoRy places in the top 16 in the GameCom Plantronics Tournament.
  • September 1st, Team oGaming announces a new partnership with "DLCompare".
  • September 30th, TheoRy quits Team oGaming, joining Team Legion.
  • November 13th, KellY claims 2nd place at Baselan #22, while WinD takes 3rd place. flOat and royal take 1st place in the 2v2 tournament.
  • December 1st, Team oGaming closes the team on the Europe server, focusing solely on the North American server.
  • December 20th, Team oGaming announces a new partnership with "The Game Fanatics".
  • June 8th, the Team oGaming North American division is formed and team website launched. The starting lineup for the team is KellY, flOat, WinD, royal, Nataku.
  • October 13th, KellY wins MBSL Lan #1.
  • November 24th, BaseLan #20: flOat 1st place, KellY 2nd place.
  • December 20th, First clan match win for the team in SCL. A narrow 3:2 win over PKM.
  • December 28th, First clan match loss for the team in SCL against team ROOT. ROOT.SLush performing a 4:0 "all-kill".

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name 2012 2013
usUSA T Hiei () Jared Scruggs - -
usUSA T Zan Ryan Matter - -
usUSA T Cirrus Aaron Russell - -
seSweden T Sandshrew Gabriel Gessle - -
usUSA Z Tenza Brandon Veles - -
usUSA Z EndofLine Erik Faden - -
seSweden Z Crowbar Jesse Mustonen - -
usUSA Z MavericK Zachary Hoffman - -
usUSA Z WarreN Dylan Warren - -
usUSA P Poser Chris Clauson - -
chSwitzerland P Affenzahn Andrin Abegg - -
japanJapan P kurOa Hikaru Koike - -
japanJapan P CriMsoN Ryuka Kuramoto - -
usUSA P ColdFlame Richard Belles - -


ID Name New Team
usUSA T RuFF Jesse Hall IvDgaming
usUSA z ImbaASfuts Kawika Akira Team .SCA
usUSA P TheoRy Derek Travisano Team Legion
CACanada z Kane Sam Morrissette Pulse Esports
CACanada z Hendralisk Henry Zheng compLexity Gaming
KRSouth Korea p Chance Jung Chan Woo Prime
USUSA p Eifer Richard Gayler
roRomania Z DeathAngel Andrei Nodea 7x Team
deGermany T ColdScars Aaron Eich Core Gaming
krSouth Korea Z DeParture Hyun Sung Min Core Gaming
ukUnited Kingdom Z JonnyREcco Paul Whyte Core Gaming


ID Name Position
usUSA CheckMate Jack Dunne Owner
UsUSA Hiei Jared Scruggs Team Manager
USUSA TheDannysaur Danny Ready Caster

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