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This template is deprecated.
Instead of {{flag|country}}, use the several {{flag/country}} templates.

Adds a flag icon.

Usage Example of {{Flag}}

The following code:



Country Variables (Usable Abbreviations)

In addition to writing out the full name of each country, you can also use two-letter country codes and in some cases other common abbreviations.

  • Argentina Argentina (ar)
  • Armenia Armenia (am)
  • Australia Australia (au)
  • Austria Austria (at)
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan (az)
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh (bd)
  • Belarus Belarus (by)
  • Belgium Belgium (be)
  • Bolivia Bolivia (bo)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba)
  • Brazil Brazil (br)
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria (bg)
  • Canada Canada (ca)
  • Chile Chile (cl)
  • China China (cn)
  • Colombia Colombia (co)
  • Costa Rica Costa Rica (cr)
  • Croatia Croatia (hr)
  • Cyprus Cyprus (cy)
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic (cz)
  • Denmark Denmark (dk)
  • Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (do)
  • Egypt Egypt (eg)
  • El Salvador El Salvador (sv)
  • England England (uken)
    • EngSpeaking EngSpeaking (usuk)
  • Europe Europe (eu)
  • Estonia Estonia (ee)
  • Ecuador Ecuador (ec)
  • Faroe Islands Faroe Islands (fo)
  • Finland Finland (fi)
  • France France (fr)
  • Germany Germany (de)
    • GerSpeaking GerSpeaking (deat)
  • Greece Greece (gr)
  • Guatemala Guatemala (gt)
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong (hk)
  • Honduras Honduras (hn)
  • Hungary Hungary (hu)
  • Iceland Iceland (is)
  • India India (in)
  • Indonesia Indonesia (id)
  • Israel Israel (il)
  • Iran Iran (ir)
  • Ireland Ireland (ie)
  • Italy Italy (it)
  • Japan Japan (jp)
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (kz)
  • South Korea Korea (kr)
  • Kuwait Kuwait (kw)
  • Latvia Latvia (lv)
  • Libya Libya (ly)
  • Liechtenstein Liechtenstein (li)
  • Lithuania Lithuania (lt)
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg (lu)
  • Macau Macau (mo)
  • Macedonia Macedonia (mk)
  • Malaysia Malaysia (my)
  • Maldives Maldives (mv)
  • Malta Malta (mt)
  • Mexico Mexico (mx)
  • Moldova Moldova (md)
  • Morocco Morocco (ma)
  • Namibia Namibia (na)
  • Netherlands Netherlands (nl)
  • New Zealand New Zealand (nz)
  • Nicaragua Nicaragua (ni)
  • Nigeria Nigeria (ng)
  • Northern Ireland Northern Ireland (ukni)
  • Norway Norway (no)
  • Panama Panama (pa)
  • Pakistan Pakistan (pk)
  • Paraguay Paraguay (py)
  • Peru Peru (pe)
  • Philippines Philippines (ph)
  • Poland Poland (pl)
  • Portugal Portugal (pt)
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (pr)
  • Romania Romania (ro)
  • Russia Russia (ru)
  • Scotland Scotland (uksc)
  • Serbia Serbia (rs)
  • Singapore Singapore (sg)
  • Slovakia Slovak Republic (sk)
  • Slovenia Slovenia (si)
  • South Africa South Africa (za)
  • Somalia Somalia (so)
  • Spain Spain (es)
  • Sweden Sweden (se)
  • Switzerland Switzerland (ch)
  • Taiwan Taiwan (tw)
  • Thailand Thailand (th)
  • Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad And Tobago (tt)
  • Turkey Turkey (tr)
  • Tunisia Tunisia (tn)
  • Ukraine Ukraine (ua)
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (ae, uae)
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom (gb, uk)
  • United Nations United Nations (un)
  • USA USA (us)
  • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (uz)
  • Venezuela Venezuela (ve)
  • Vietnam Vietnam (vn)
  • Wales Wales (ukwa)
  • Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (zw)

If the flag name is spelled incorrectly the page gets added to Category:Unrecognised Flag and a transparent filler flag is used to keep alignment consistent. The invisible flag can optionally be added intentionally by writing "filler flag" or "ff".

When adding additional flags or making other relevant updates to the {{Flag}}-template, please consider making the corresponding changes to the {{FlagLoc}}-template.