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Template:Group Stage winnings/doc

From Liquipedia StarCraft 2 Wiki

This template creates an automated Group Stage winnings table, using information from LiquipediaDB.

It invokes Module:Group Stage winnings.


Pagename of the tournament data.
Start date for matches of the group stage (inclusive). (Format: YYYY-MM-DD - hh:mm timezone)
End date for matches of the group stage. (Format: YYYY-MM-DD - hh:mm timezone)
Value earned per match win.
|value_start= (optional)
Start value. (Default: 0)
|localcurrency= (optional)
Local currency for which the currency exchange should be determined. (Only works for supported currencies.)
|cutafter= (optional)
This defines after how many players the table is cut of.
|title= (optional)
This sets the title of the table. (Default: Group Stage winnings)


{{Group Stage winnings
|sdate=2020-06-24 - 17:00 {{abbr/CEST}}
|edate=2020-07-05 - 23:00 {{abbr/CEST}}

will produce


{{Group Stage winnings