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Ability Information
 200  200  140
Researched from:
Research Hotkey:

Creates the infobox for a skill.

Parameters[view source on shared repository]

The specifier for the game infobox, e.g. wol for Wings of Liberty
Specify the Display in the "... Information" below the Image. Examples: Spell, Ability, ...
The name of the skill/spell/ability/...
Image to be displayed in the infobox
Size (in px) the image should be displayed in
Default: 600
Caption for the image
Range of the skill
Radius the skill takes affect in
Caption for the image
Cooldown of the skill
Hotkey to use the skill
Second hotkey in case a combination is needed
Cost for the usage f the skill (e.g. in Mana/Energy/Minerals/...)
Duration of the skill
Caster of the skill
Indicates wether the skill is channeld or not
Minerals it costs to use the skill
Gas it costs to use the skill
Radius the skill takes affect in
Buildtime of the skill
Supply it costs to use the skill
Where the skill is researched from
Research Hotkey