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Template:Infobox commentator

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[e][h]Unknown Template:Infobox commentator
Commentator Information
Romanized Name:
Jung So-rim
August 14, 1992 (age 30)

Creates the infobox for a commentator.


The commentators id
The Image to be displayed in the infobox
The commentators name
The commentators romanized name
The images caption
The commentators birth date
The commentators death date
The commentators birth location
Nationality/nationalities of the commentator
The commentators team
Alternative ids of the commentator
Nicknames of the commentator
The commentators (team) history
Role of the commentator
|website, discord, twitter, etc=
Social media links
Set this to "true" or the date of retirement if the commentator is retired
Put a date or a general pending/finished here indicating if the commentator (still) has to serve mandatory military service (default: false)
The commentators race
Set this to true to indicate that this commentator also is a player
Disable the storage on this page