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[e][h]Electronic Sports League
Company Information
Parent Company:
Professional Gaming League
1997 as Deutsche ClanLiga
2000 as ESL
Cologne, Germany


  • name = Name of the company
  • image = Picture
  • caption = Caption
  • Parent Company
  • Industry
  • Partners
  • Founded
  • Members
  • Headquarters
  • Key people
  • Employees
  • Products
  • Events
  • site = Company's Homepage
  • discord = Discord server invite code (end of link)
  • tlstream = Stream Name on TeamLiquid.net
  • twitch = Username on Twitch
  • afreeca = Username on Afreeca
  • douyu = Username on DouyuTV
  • stream = Link to stream (if it's none of the platforms mentioned above)
  • youtube = YouTube Channel Name
  • twitter = Username on Twitter
  • facebook = Username on Facebook
  • instagram = Username on Instagram
  • gplus = Username on Google Plus
  • tlprofile = Username on TeamLiquid.net

If the company is using more than one account on the social media etc., please add the main one to the Infobox and the other ones to External Links section.


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox company
|Parent Company=[http://www.turtle-entertainment.de/?&lang=en Turtle Entertainment GmbH]
|name=Electronic Sports League
|Industry=Professional Gaming League
|Partners=[http://www.needforseat.de/ NEEDforSEAT]
|Founded=1997 as Deutsche ClanLiga<br/>2000 as ESL
|Headquarters=Cologne, Germany
|Key people=
|Events=[[IEM]]<br/>[[ESL Pro Series]]<br/>[[Go4SC2]]

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{{Infobox company
|Parent Company=
|Key people=