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[e][h] Rain
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jung Yoon Jong
(1992-08-14) August 14, 1992 (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
By.Sun, By.Rain

This template produces an Infobox on a player page.


These are the variables in the Player template:

  • id = Main ID
  • image = Picture
  • caption = caption
  • name = Real Name (If needed, use romanized_name for romanization)
  • romanized_name = Romanized Real Name
  • birth_date = YYYY-MM-DD
  • country = Country (as in citizenship)
  • country2 = Second country (if needed)
  • race = Current Race. P, T, Z, R or All will suffice. Any two-race combination work too. Example: tz, pz, pt, etc.
  • team = Current Team
  • teamlink = Link to current team's page if different from name (eg MVP_(team))
  • clan = Current Clan
  • sponsor = Player's personal sponsor
  • ids = Alternative IDs
  • nicknames = Player's nicknames (eg The Machine)
  • earnings = put the link to the players page here - will display the earnings of the player (In main space this is optional, it will default to the pagename.)
  • military_service = put a date or a general pending/finished here indicating if the player (still) has to serve mandatory military service (default: false)
  • tlpdint = Player's International TLPD ID
  • tlpdkr = Player's Korean TLPD ID
  • tlpdhots = Player's HotS TLPD ID
  • aligulac = Player's aligulac ID (Number)
  • site = Player's Homepage
  • discord = Discord server invite code (end of link)
  • tlstream = Stream Name on
  • twitch = Username on Twitch
  • afreeca = Username on Afreeca
  • azubu = Username on Azubu
  • douyu = Username on DouyuTV
  • panda = Username on PandaTV
  • hitbox = Username on HitBox
  • stream = Link to stream (if it's none of the platforms mentioned above)
  • youtube = YouTube Channel Name
  • twitter = Username on Twitter
  • facebook = Username on Facebook
  • instagram = Username on Instagram
  • askfm = Username on
  • weibo = User ID on Sina Weibo. 3144657364 links to Jim
  • tencent = Username on Tencent Weibo. igaming links to igaming
  • gplus = Username on Google Plus
  • vk = Username on VKontakte
  • tlprofile = Username on
  • reddit = Username on
  • challonge = Username on
  • fanclub = Fanclub
  • playlist = A playlist of the music the person plays on stream
  • history = Team History. Use Template:TH. For example: "{{TH|2010-09-07 - '''Present'''|Evil Geniuses}}


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox player
|caption=Rain at [[2013 MLG Winter Championship]]
|romanized_name=Jung Yoon Jong
|country=South Korea
|team=SK Telecom T1
|ids=By.Sun, By.Rain
|earnings=Rain (Korean Protoss)


Copy / Paste

{{Infobox player