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Template:Infobox series

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Creates the infobox for a tournament series.


The series name
The series logo
Caption for the image
The series tier
The series tiertype
|organizer, organizer2, etc=
The series organizer(s)
Country where this series takes place
City where this series takes place
Date of this series
|sdate= or |launched=
Start date of this series
|edate= or |defunct=
End date of this series
Sponsors of this series
|website, discord, twitter, etc=
Social media links
Small icon for the tournament series.
Sponsors of the tournament series. You may link to their external site and separate multiple sponsors with linebreaks.
(Main) Server on which the event took place.
(Defaults to lotv)
Indicate if this is an online or offline event. Allowed values are Offline, Online or Offline/Online.
Very short description of the regular format of the series.
The game that the series was played on. Allowed values are wol, hots, lotv or mod.

Total Prize Pool Parameters

Set this to false to disable the Total Prize Pool display.
Set the series for which the Total Prize Pool should be queried.
Set this to anything but false to disable the display of the split by tiers.
(Defaults to false, if the series used more than 1 tier)
Set this to true to change the query so it also includes data from external cup lists.
(Defaults to false)
WARNING: This is slower!
This defines at which event page the query ends (eg splitting into years or seasons).
This defines at which event page the query begins (eg splitting into years or seasons).

For Setting Variables

The following parameters only set variables that are used by external cup lists and matches.

Set this to true to display headtohead icons in match popups.
Sets the tickername for matches on this page.
Sets the shortname.
Set the abbreviation.
|disable_lpdb= or |disable_storage=
Disable LPDB storage on this page.

Copy & Paste

{{Infobox series