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Template:Infobox team

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Team Information
Someone Else
Team Captain:
Another One
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 1
Terran 1
Zerg 1
Random 1
Someone to TeamLiquid Jan 2011
This is not a real team

Creates the infobox for a team.


The specifier for the game infobox, e.g. rocket for rocket league
The team name
The team logo
Caption for the image
The team location(s)
The team region
Coaches for this team
Coach for this team
Team director
Team manager
Team captain
Team creation date
Team disband date
Team player trades
|website, discord, twitter, etc=
Social media links
|gaming director=
Gaming director of the team
The amount of Zerg players on the team
The amount of Terran players on the team
The amount of Protoss players on the team
The amount of Random players on the team
The amount of players on the team
Fill in Sub- and Accademy teams into these parameters so they get considered for queries on the teams Results page
X should be continuous natural numbers
If there is more to the team history that is notable enough to be in the infobox there's customizable variables between Created and Disbanded
Set this title for the same number as historyX to indicate what the specific title should be. Such as reformed, merged, first disbanded, hiatus.
Set this to "true" to disable storage into LPDB

Blank template with parameters

You can copy the code snippet below and fill in the parameters to customize this Infobox. If any parameter doesn't apply, leave it blank and that line will not appear in the Infobox.

{{Infobox team



The code below created the Infobox on this page.

{{Infobox team
|manager=Someone Else
|captain=Another One
|trades=Someone to TeamLiquid Jan 2011
|footnotes=This is not a real team