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The Gosu Crew

[e][h]The Gosu Crew
Team Information
Solo Achievements
2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 22019 Global StarCraft II League Season 2
Recent Player Trades:
2018-10-24 - Dark joins
2018-07-25 - Classic joins

The Gosu Crew is a North American gaming organization.

The StarCraft II division was created on July 25, 2018 with Classic as the first player.[1]


Player Roster[edit]

Academy Squad[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20152016201720182019
Korea (South)DarkZerg2019-09-18-----
Korea (South)DukeKim Chang Gyum2019-06-25-----
CanadaEndOfDaysLogan Terriah2019-06-25-----
United States of AmericaIdrALingDaniel Morgan2019-06-25--Challenger League 13 - 16th 2017_WCS_Valencia/Qualifiers/North_AmericaChallenger League 9 - 12th 2018 WCS Austin - North America Qualifier2018 WCS Valencia - North America QualifierChallenger League 9 - 12th 2019 WCS Spring - North America Qualifier
United States of AmericaomgabananaKevin Yu2019-06-25-----
United States of AmericaRengenBrady Cassada2019-06-25-----
Korea (South)RookieLee Dong-yun2019-06-25-----
NorwayScytheStian Johnsen2019-06-2533 - 48th 2015 DreamHack Open: Stockholm49 - 64th 2016 DreamHack Valencia---
Korea (South)Show2019-06-25-----
United States of AmericaTambi2019-06-25-----
CanadaWilo CaptainWill Aesoph2019-06-25---49 - 64th 2018_WCS_Montreal-
United States of AmericaxKawaiianTaylor Vinson2019-06-25-33 - 48th 2016_DreamHack_Open/Austin33 - 40th 2017 WCS Austin-65 - 80th 2019_WCS_Fall
CanadaYenFuEugene Lu2019-06-15-----


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
Korea (South)ClassicKim Doh-woo2018-07-252019-01-20 Mkers
Korea (South)DarkPark Ryung-woo2018-10-242019-10-02 Dragon Phoenix Gaming
ChinaDaydreamerJiaqi Yang2019-06-252019-07-15 Black Night
United States of AmericaGeminiDylan Kristopovich2019-06-252020-01-20 Kosmos Esports

Team Achievements[edit]


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