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The Late Game

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The Late Game was a weekly SC2 talk show hosted by Lycan, alongside regular cohosts Destiny and later iNcontroL. The show's hosts and guests typically discussed the current meta, reviewed game design, and analyzed recently completed and upcoming events. Although on informal and indefinite hiatus, Lycan occaisionally teases a potential return through social media such as twitter.


The show featured a panel comprised of the hosts and two or more guests that went through several topics that are listed along the stream for viewers to follow. In addition to the discussions, past episodes have featured several highlight clips of significant matches that week and even a show match livecasted by the hosts.

Episode List[edit]

Date # Guests Links Length
2014-09-15 1 Yoan "ToD" Merlo, Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson, Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra SoundCloud 2:39:17
2014-09-22 2 Kevin "qxc" Riley, Samuel "Midday" He
2014-09-29 3 Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner, Sam "Kane" Morrissette, Kyle "Beef" Bautista (compLexity General Manager) 2:36:07
2014-10-06 4 Richard Lewis, Sam "Kane" Morrissette, Duncan "Thorin" Shields 5:27:22

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