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The New Boys Club

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The New Boys Club is a podcast and twitch variety show started by BreAKerTV. It is a weekly recurring podcast on TeamLiquid about what can be done to improve the community and encourage growth to the SC2 environment using objective observations and looking inside community happenings to justify and articulate the thoughts of players and personalities.

Hosts and Guests[edit]

Current Hosts[edit]

ID Name
USAUnited States Z BreAKerTV Benjamin Novotny
USAUnited States Z Muizz Kyle Bogart


Episode List[edit]


Date # Topics Guests Links
2015-04-19 #1
  • Archon Mode in professional play
  • WCS Season 2 qualifiers mis-handling
  • State of present SC2 balance (Both HoTS and LoTV).
  • Viewer Call-ins.
puCK, Midday, RuFF YouTube

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