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The Planetary Workshop

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About The Planetary Workshop[edit]

The Planetary Workshop (TPW) was a map-making team formed by members of the TL community focusing on making competitive melee maps. TPW actively seeked to work with casters and tournament organizers to provide them with fresh maps. On January 3rd, 2012, MCL joined TPW. The map making team MCL was also formed by members of the TL map making community .It's former members, such as Icetoad, Archvile, Ragoo, wrl, Antares and SmashHammer were added to the team of The Planetary Workshop.

The Team disbanded on 24th of August, 2013.[1]

Members at Disbandment[edit]

  • Martin "NullCurrent" Wernståhl
  • August "Meltage" Sönnergren
  • "Dezi" (inactive)
  • Mats"Mereel" Möser
  • "Samro"
  • Johannes "Johanaz" Busck
  • Felix "Lefix" Weber
  • Ben "funcmode" Winkworth (inactive)
  • Jesper "Archvile" Daugaard
  • Hugo "Icetoad" Perron
  • Nathan "Smashhammer" Hofgesang (inactive)
  • RJ "Antares" Tocci (inactive)
  • Pete "wrl" French
  • Philipp "Ragoo" Schoneville

TPW Maps[edit]

Current Map Pool[edit]

2 Player Maps
(2) TPW Odyssey by lefix (2) TPW One Must Fall by dezi (2) TPW Elder Roots by Icetoad (2) TPW Damage Inc. by Mereel
Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW
(2) TPW Loki II by Ragoo (2) TPW Sacred by Meltage (2) TPW Vulture by lefix
Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW
4 Player Maps
(4) TPW Artifice by funcmode (4) TPW Concrete Dreams by NullCurrent (4) TPW Burning Altar by Samro
Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW Available: EU, NA, TW

Additional Maps[edit]

2 Player Maps
(2) TPW Razed by Samro (2) TPW Curfew by lefix (2) TPW Peaks of Amalar by Wrl (2) TPW The Grid by Archvile (2) TPW Lost City by Mereel
(2) TPW Silver Sands by Meltage (2) TPW Odin by Wrl (2) TPW Crystarium by Archvile (2) TPW Pegasus by lefix (2) TPW Prophecy by Meltage
(2) TPW Lunar Colony by SmashHammer (2) TPW Insurrection by Antares (2) TPW Yuma by Meltage (2) TPW Alder Terrace by Wrl (2) TPW Eye of the Beholder by Mereel
(2) TPW Chupung-Ryeong by Ragoo (2) TPW Iron Curtain by Mereel (2) TPW Cascade SE by Samro (2) TPW Ashes by Samro (2) TPW Peaceful Waters by Mereel
(2) TPW Vendetta by lefix
4 Player Maps
(4) TPW Rattlesnake by lefix (4) TPW Green Harvest by Johanaz (4) TPW Titanis by lefix (4) TPW Crimsonite by Johanaz (4) TPW Artifice by funcmode
(4) TPW Dylarian Shipyard by dezi (4) TPW Emerald Jungle by Lefix (4) TPW Amalar Depths by Icetoad (4) TPW Rusty Cage by Johannez (4) TPW Overgrown by Meltage

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  1. TPW Mapmaking Team Officially Retires., August 24 2013.