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[e][h] TheoRy
Player Information
Derek Travisano
(1992-08-27) August 27, 1992 (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
tekushikume, TheoRy, LgNTheoRy, FXOTheoRy
Total Earnings:
Years Active:
2013 -
2011-07-11 — 2011-09-30
2011-09-30 — 2012-10-28
2012-10-28 — 2013-08-16
2018-02-13 — 2018-12-05
2020-11-13 — Present

Derek "TheoRy" Travisano is an American Protoss player who is currently coach and player for afterMath eSports.


TheoRy is a full-time Computer Engineering major at Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition to being a player for FXO.NA, TheoRy also participates in the CSL for Georgia Tech. TheoRy switched to StarCraft 2 from Brood War where he was a C+ Protoss on the ICCup server, and has also played Dota, Counter-Strike 1.6, and WarCraft III: TFT competitively. Playing Terran in the Beta, TheoRy switched to Protoss when StarCraft 2 was released. He has been Grandmaster as Protoss on one account or more almost every season since release.

TheoRy joined Harbinger Gaming at the release of Wings Of Liberty, along the likes of IefNaij, Hawk, and Android. The team had small success in clan wars during Wings of Liberty's early days, but fell apart due to disorganization. After Harbinger Gaming, TheoRy spent small amounts of time on teams BeerCraft, Revoki, and Team oGaming. In October of 2011, TheoRy joined Team Legion's newly created StarCraft Squad along with original member JimRising. After one year, along with most of Team Legion's other players, TheoRy stayed with the organization and became part of FXOpen's North American division.[1] TheoRy competed in MLG's, CSL events, and many other Southeastern United States LAN tournaments.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

TheoRy has participated in a plethora of tournaments within his career for Wings of Liberty.


  • TheoRy lives in Georgia where his teammates Future, Shield, and SirRobin also live.
  • TheoRy has stated that he will not return to professional StarCraft II HotS after having been mistreated by FXOpen e-Sports.[2]


In A1Premier tournaments
2014-07-1217 - 32ndRed Bull Battle Grounds: AtlantaZZZZZ0 : 2 desRow$200
In A3Minor tournaments
2018-02-281stFilthy NA Cup Weekly #643 : 0 Vindicta$75
In A4Basic tournaments
2016-08-202ndClash of the ClanlessZZZZZ1 : 4 Zeal$9.59
Complete Results in any Tournament

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