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ThorZaIN's 2-2 Bio

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[e][h]TerranThorZaIN's 2/2 Bio Opening
Strategy Information


Opening with Marauder (1) to cover a fast expand and adding Marauder production and addition Barracks after Infantry Weapons Level 1 and Stimpack have started, Terran does a fast tech to 2-2 Infantry upgrades and then add Starport and produces heavy Barracks production on two mining bases and takes map control with a huge army size and upgrade advantage.


Stockpile the early army of Terran and make the early game a defensive tech to fast 2-2 infantry upgrades. And start taking a strong map presence after either 1-1 or 2-2 to deny any greedy expansions from Protoss.


  • Short on gas? Make Marines instead of Marauders.
  • Only make a total of four Medivacs or Vikings before starting 2-2.
  • Start all three other Refineries with the Factory, which will be at the same time as the third set of 100 gas.


  • Forge or even Double Forge builds are weak for Protoss in the early game and hitting them before 1-1 finishes or at least harassing is strongly recommended.




Generally has the same map strength and weaknesses as normal Bio-heavy Terran style.

Pro features[edit]

  • Wide open maps with multiple attack and retreat paths.
    • Xel'Naga Caverns, Tal'darim Altar
  • Main Base or Natural Expansions with one entrance and choke point ramp leading in make the early game easier to defend.

Con features[edit]

  • Wide entrance at natural,
    • Example of Close Air: Metalopolis, Shattered Temple;Reference oGsMC game 2
      • Example of Wide Open Natural: Crossfire, Tal'darim Altar; Reference oGsMC Game 4 NaNiwa game 6