Thor (Wings of Liberty)

This article covers the now superseded Wings of Liberty multiplayer version of this unit. For other versions see Thor (Legacy of the Void), Thor (Heart of the Swarm) and Thor (Wings of Liberty Campaign).
[e][h] Thor
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Built From:
300 200 60 6
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 30 (+3) (x2)
DPS: 46.9 (+4.7)
Cooldown: 1.28
Range: 7
Attack 2:
Targets: Air
Damage: 6 (+1) (x4) (Splash)
DPS: 8 (+1.3)
Cooldown: 3.00
Bonus: +6 (+1) vs Light
Bonus DPS: +8 (+1.3) vs Light
Range: 10
400 1 (+1)
50 / 200
Cargo Size:
Note: All time-related values are expressed assuming Normal speed, as they were before LotV. See Game Speed.
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Thor is a massive Terran ground unit and is built from a Factory with a Tech Lab once an Armory has been constructed. The Thor is one of the most powerful single units in the game, dealing 60 damage per ground attack and 24 (+24 vs light) damage with 0.5 splash radius against air. It has a large amount of hit points and a special ability (250mm Strike Cannons) that can quickly remove dangerous units with high HP. The Thor's powerful attacks deal devastating damage to many units, providing strong support in a late game army. When supported by groups of SCVs, the Thor can be very hard to kill, especially in an early game situation. However, the Thor can struggle against large numbers of units as their large size and slow speed inhibits their ability to form a concave.

The 250mm Strike Cannons is a channeled ability that deals 500 damage in a 10 second animation and stuns its target for 6 seconds. It can be useful for taking out key enemy units such as Colossi in a quick and safe fashion. Also worth noting is that the strike cannons can stun and kill an Immortal, despite the Immortal's Hardened Shield.

The Thor is specifically used against Zerg as a counter to Mutalisks, which can only kill an unsupported Thor in large numbers. The Thor is used against Protoss either as a staple unit, or a supplement to Bio. Despite the size of the unit, a single Thor can be loaded into a Medivac. When used in conjunction with the Medivac's transport function—a combination often called a "Thorship"—the Thor can be a useful unit for early harassment, especially when considering the Thor's range and durability. Thors also excel at keeping an area designated for an expansion safe from sudden ambushes. Due to the Thors stable ground attack, they provide key support when paired with other units.


Duration: 2+6+2 s
Damage: 500
Hotkey: C
The Thor focuses a single target channeling 500 damage over 6 seconds and stunning the target for 6. It can be used against buildings. The Thor must enter and exit 250mm Strike Cannons mode, which takes 2 seconds each.

Look at 250mm Strike Cannons for more information This damage ignores the effect of the Immortal's Hardened Shield, thus an Immortal will never survive this attack.


 150      150      110 Hotkey: C
Researched from: Tech Lab
Enables 250mm Strike Cannons for the Thor.

Competitive Usage[edit]

In General[edit]

Thors are one of the best support units in StarCraft II, using their massive Ground DPS and anti-air range to support the units up front. The Thor's high HP count also lets them stand in front of the army, acting as a barrier for more fragile units, such as the Siege Tank. The Thor is not very cost effective when faced with many units. Massed units like the Marauder and Zergling can cost-efficiently take Thors down. However, the Thor's effectiveness increases significantly with Weapon and Armor upgrades.

The Thor's anti-air weapons can protect costly units from mobile air units. This can be extremely useful in a pinch, especially at the mineral line.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Thors have begun seeing more and more use against Protoss, particularly by Swedish Pro Gamer ThorZaIN, who used Thors to great effect as a staple unit against NonY. All-ins featuring the Thor with SCV repairs and Strike Cannons are fairly strong. Late game vs Protoss, however, it becomes difficult to find good engagements with mass Thors. The Thors have a tendency to clump up in chokes, and the Immortal's smaller size allows it to quickly form a better concave, the immediate burst damage of the Immortal will tear through the front Thors before their strike cannon ability can kill opposing Immortals. Therefore, if a Terran player is using Thors as a staple unit, they are advised to supplement with Ghosts to EMP the entire Protoss army and then use the regular Thor auto attack to finish the Protoss army.

Vs. Terran[edit]

Thors can play an important role in TvT, as they both complement your own tank force while drawing fire from the opponent's Tanks. Because Thors are so large, they effectively reduce the splash damage from the opponent's Tanks, while easily focus firing them down. Thors can provide anti-air support for Tanks in case of a Banshee transition. Thors struggle with Bio units, especially the Marauder. In this case, Marines and Hellions can complement the Thor.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

The Thor's extreme range and splash damage against light air units makes them very effective as anti-Mutalisk support, even if only a handful are present on the battlefield. However, proper control of Mutalisks (moving them over the Thor rather than using attack-move or targeted attack, to prevent them from bunching up) can greatly reduce the damage Thors can do to Mutalisks. The Thor's vastly superior range is excellent for scoring free hits against a Mutalisk attack AND retreat (making every harass decision extremely costly), but they should not be your sole air defense against Mutalisks.

Furthermore, Thors serve a heavy/anti-air support role in a build which consists of Marauders/Hellions/Thors to make a push that provides a strong match-up against a Zerg's midgame unit composition of Zerglings/Roaches/Banelings.


Animated 3D model
Standard model
Collector's Edition model


Thor's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes[edit]


  • [1] A game showing a successful early Thor harass