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Thor (Wings of Liberty Campaign)

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This article covers the singleplayer Wings of Liberty Campaign version of this unit. For other versions see Thor (Legacy of the Void), Thor (Heart of the Swarm) and Thor (Wings of Liberty).
[e][h] Thor
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Heavy Assault Mech. Can use 250mm Strike Cannons.
 300  200  60  6
Attack 1: Thor's Hammer
45 (+3) (x2)
46.6 (+3.1)
Attack 2: Javelin Missile Launchers
8 (+1) (x4) (Splash)
10.7 (+1.3)
+4 vs Light
Bonus DPS:
+5.3 vs Light
Unit stats
400 1 (+1)
50(+100) / 200(+100)
Cargo size:
Strong against:
Note: All time-related values are expressed assuming Normal speed, as they were before LotV. See Game Speed.


The Thor is a massive Terran ground unit and is built from a Factory with a Tech Lab once an Armory has been constructed. The Thor is one of the most powerful single units in the game, dealing 90 damage per ground attack and 32 (+16 vs light) damage with 0.5 splash radius against air. It has a large amount of hit points and a special ability (250mm Strike Cannons) that can quickly remove dangerous units with high HP. The Thor's powerful attacks deal devastating damage to many units, providing strong support in a late game army. When supported by groups of SCVs or Science Vessels, the Thor can be very hard to kill. However, the Thor can struggle against large numbers of units as their large size and slow speed inhibits their ability to form a concave.

The 250mm Strike Cannons is a channeled ability that deals 500 damage in a 10 second animation and stuns its target for 6 seconds. It can be useful for taking out key enemy units such as Colossi in a quick and safe fashion. Also worth noting is that the strike cannons can stun and kill an Immortal, despite the Immortal's Hardened Shield.

Despite the size of the unit, a single Thor can be loaded into a Medivac--a combination often called a "Thorship".

Campaign Specifics[edit]

In the campaign, Thors come with the 250 mm Strike Cannons ability already researched. This ability can also be upgraded to the 330 mm Barrage Cannons. Thors in the campaign are better against non-light air units because they deal 32 (+16 vs light) damage vs air units rather than 24 (+24 vs light) damage. Thor ground DPS is slightly lower in the campaign. While each shot does more damage, the slower cooldown makes up for it.

Available in mission: Media Blitz
Mercenary version: None
Hero version: Odin


Duration: 2+6+2 s
Hotkey: C
Stuns target unit and deals up to 500 damage over 6 seconds. Thor takes 2 seconds to enter and exit Strike Cannons mode.

This damage ignores the effect of the Immortal's Hardened Shield, thus an Immortal will never survive this attack.

330mm Barrage Cannons
Duration: 2+6+2
Radius: 2
Hotkey: C
Stuns and deals up to 500 damage over 6 seconds to all enemies in target area. Thor takes 2 seconds to enter and exit Barrage Cannons mode.

If 330mm Barrage Cannons is researched, it replaces the 250m Strike Cannons ability.


330mm Barrage Cannon
Credits : 130,000
Researched from: Armory Console
Improved bombardment cannon. Thor stuns central targets and does massive area damage.
Credits : 140,000
Researched from: Armory Console
Destroyed Thors can be rebuilt in the field for a fraction of the cost.
Cellular Reactor
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Specialist units (any non-hero with energy) gain +100 starting energy and +100 maximum energy.
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Vehicles and ships automatically heal themselves over time.
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Weapon upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increase attack speed by 5% in addition to increasing damage.
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Armor upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increase life by 5% in addition to increasing armor.



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