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Thor Drop Rush (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]TerranThor Drop Rush
Strategy Information
TvT, TvZ
Popularized by:


Using a delayed 1/1/1 build to start an Armory and then Thors as soon as it finishes. Thors are used to snipe the expensive parts of the enemy build or buildings, using Medivacs to give mobility up and down cliffs. SCVs can be used to repair the Thors and there is still a mineral dump that can be used for mass Marines, Hellions or to expand.

Staple build of DeMusliM, who helped popularize the Thor Drop.


Abusing the mobility of Medivacs to aid Thors and more importantly NOT TO LET ANY THORS DIE. Whittling down the opposing army over time due to the large health pool of Thors, with SCVs to repair.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Use the next 100 Gas after Thor (2) to start the Starport, and the next 100 Gas after Thor (3) for a Medivac.
  • Do not miss any Thors, build them as soon as possible or you will be permanently behind on army size.


  • Move out at Thor (2) and pick-up Thor (3) with the first Medivac to catch up.
  • Move the lowest health Thor out the way with the Medivac, also abuse high ground cliffs.


Pro features[edit]

Good on any map with a harassable mineral line, particularly maps with a cliff overlooking the natural or main (Lost Temple, Kulas Ravine, Incineration Zone, Delta Quadrant).

Con features[edit]

Although on maps like Scrap Station and Desert Oasis the Air Rush distance is fairly close, an Overlord will be sure to spot your drop and a good Zerg will adapt his Queen/Zergling positioning in time. Also, on a map like Metalopolis you can risk getting your Medivac trapped between two Queens.