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Thor FE into 3Port Banshee

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[e][h]Thor FE into 3Port Banshee
Strategy Information
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Safely secure a quick expansion with quick tech to Factory Thor and Marine for a secure fast expand, after adding additional refineries for three Starports producing Banshees for an exotic unit mix that can overpower the standard Colossus deathball effectively. The difficulty is with the Banshee production times make this a one shot punch that needs to take out the majority of the Protoss's army incase of a counter-attack. Thors will make up the bulk of the early game army and should be supported with SCVs on auto-repair to keep the Thors alive above all else or the Protoss will be able to overwhelm the Terran very quickly.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Add Barracks after producing everything else on the build recipe, no specific timings for addition Barracks, Stimpack, etc. yet.
  • Two bases produce enough to support just 1Fac, 3port producing 1 Thor and 3 Banshees and nothing else, minerals will be in excess for Marine, Hellion, etc. support.
  • Infantry upgrades are not necessary as the Marines are only for fire support and are expendable compared to Thors and Banshees.