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Time Warp

[e][h]Time Warp
Spell Information
Energy Cost:
7 s

Time Warp is an offensive/defensive spell cast by the Protoss Mothership. Time Warp reduces the movement and attack speed of all enemy units and structures within the target area by 50%. Upon casting, the Time Warp area will be displayed on the map and activate after 1.79 seconds, and then the Time Warp effct will last for 7 seconds.


In competitive play Time Warp is usually used to prevent enemy forces from microing or escaping the Protoss player's units, particularly Zealots. Sometimes Time Warp will be used to escape from enemy units, but Mass Recall or Strategic Recall is usually preferred. Additionally, since Time Warp slows down enemy workers, it can be used as a form of harassment.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Due to the nature of mirror matchups, Time Warp is particularly useful for its ability to minimize the effectiveness of enemy micro. Against Zealots without Charge, Time Warp can sometimes prevent said Zealots from attacking at all. However, Blink Stalkers can still be used effectively, so it is unwise to rely on Time Warp against Twilight Council play.

Vs. Terran[edit]

Time Warps can be used extremely well against Terran Bio. They negate the increased movement speed of stimmed units, which prevents the kiting of Zealots often relied on by Terran players. In situations against Hellbats, Time Warp is significantly less useful because Zealots are not as cost-efficient. Still, attacks from Colossi are much harder to dodge under Time Warps, so the spell is far from useless.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Time Warp can more than nullify the movement speed increase that Zerg units have on creep. Like Terran, many Zerg units rely on speed to get up close to their enemies for maximum damage output, thus Time Warp can be used to great effect. Its usefulness is very broad; Zerglings and Roaches in particular deal much less damage as a result of their speed decrease.

In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • Multiple Time Warps do not stack the speed decrease.
  • Using Force Field and Time Warp together inhibits the enemy units' movement even more.
  • Psi Storm is extremely deadly against units under the effect of Time Warp.


  • Does not affect friendly units

Patch Changes[edit]

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