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[e][h] ToSsGirL
Player Information
서지수 Seo Ji Soo
May 21, 1985 (1985-05-21) (age 33)
STX Soul (2001-2012)

Seo "ToSsGirL" Ji Soo was a South Korean StarCraft progamer. She played as Zerg and was a member of team STX SouL.


ToSsGirL is the most publicized Brood War female progamer, and probably the most successful as well. She was first introduced to StarCraft by her father in 1999. ToSsGirl and her sister Seo Ji Seung (who later became an actress) "ZergGirl" both started to play avidly. At first, her sister, ZergGirl, was able to beat her but she continued to practice because she wanted to beat her sister. After she accomplished this, ToSsGirL switched races from Protoss to Terran.

She continued to play StarCraft and was fascinated by the professional tournaments on T.V. At 16, after seeing BoxeR play on TV, she decided that she wanted to become a progamer. When she told her dad, he said he wished he had never introduced her to starcraft. Undeterred, she continued to play and would sneak out at night to play in local tournaments around Seoul.

In 2001 at age 17, ToSsGirl qualified for the female WCG tournament and showed good standings in preliminary rounds of other tournaments. The next year, ToSsGirL got into her first major tournaments and became qualified to receive her Progaming License. From there, she was picked up by the STX Soul progaming team where she has remained since. Her most notable result against a male progamer is probably her victory against [NC]..YellOw in the WCG 2005 preliminary round. At this time, [NC]..YellOw was considered one of the top progamers.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

ToSsGirL participated in her first StarCraft II event in September 2011 where she played some exhibition matches. This event, held in the Water Cube in Beijing, was broadcasted by OGN and sponsored by LG, and also featured former Warcraft III legends such as Moon and Sky, as well as other female progamer such as MisS and maRie.

On the 29th of June 2012 it was announced that she had retired.[1]


  • Even though ToSsGirL played as Protoss and then as Terran in Brood War, she will play as Zerg for her first participation in a StarCraft II tournament.
  • ToSsGirL won every female league she entered in Brood War.[Citation needed]
  • Before 2005, every male Brood War progamer ToSsGirL beat in a televised match retired.[Citation needed]
  • ToSsGirL's sister was also a Brood War player going by the ID ZergGirl, and is now a TV/cinema actress.[Citation needed]