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[e][h] TooDming
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Huang Huiming
July 10, 1988 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
TDM, ToodmingCN, WhaleTail, 神气宝贝
土豆明, 小明 (Xiaoming)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2011 - 2020
2011-02-28 — 2011-08-04
2011-08-04 — 2012-04-19
2012-04-26 — 2012-06-??
2012-10-20 — 2013-03-04
2013-08-05 — 2013-12-03
2013-12-03 — 2017-02-10
2018-07-05 — 2018-10-04
2019-04-22 — 2019-11-12
2019-12-02 — 2020-04-07
2022-03-14 — Present

Huang "TooDming" Huiming (born July 10, 1988) is a Chinese Zerg player.


He was among the last professional Brood War players from China. Among others, he represented his country at the WCG 2009.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

TooDming was eliminated of 2011 Chinese Invitational in group stage, but was yet invited to BlizzCon 2011 StarCraft II Invitational because the Chinese players who had qualified for the event could not attend due to VISA issues. In the first round of the BlizzCon, he defeated Ret despite the odds being against him, and then faced Mvp. Even though he managed to win a game against the three-times GSL champion, he was sent in loser's bracket by his opponent. In the lower bracket, TooDming would beat JazBas only to be eliminated by DIMAGA in the following round.

TooDming participated in G-League Season 3 where he managed to proceed to the playoffs, with a 4-0 record in group stage against SaSe, Lyn, Jim and SoftBall. He faced LoveCD in the semifinals, and despite a good 2-0 start from TooDming, his Protoss opponent eventually managed take 3 straight games in order to win the series.

He has qualified for NEO Star League Season 1 Round of 16. After placing 4th in Group B, he advanced to playoffs, defeating Lyn and went on to be defeated by eventual champion LoveCD, in the 3rd place match, he defeated another Brood War Zerg veteran F91, taking the 3rd place.

On April 19, 2012, team PanDarea was reported not to have paid its players for a long period, hence disbanding and making TooDming a free agent.[1]

On April 26, 2012, he was reported to have joined Invictus Gaming.[2]

In late June, TooDming left iG, becoming a free agent.

After 3 months, TooDming obtained a personal sponsorship from Answer Gaming, which also supported DreAm (Chinese player).[3]

From July 2 to July 15, 2012, TooDming participated in the World Championship Series 2012 China. TooDming took down iek and LoveCD before falling to the losers bracket after losing to Jim. TooDming then went on to take down LoveTT, Infi, and then grabbed his revenge against Jim to advance into the finals bracket. TooDming took down XY and Top and went on to face Comm in the finals. TooDming had to settle for second place because he lost to Comm by a score of 0-2.

In November 2012, he attended the International E-Culture Festival 2012, placing second and winning a $5,000 prize.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Transferring between several teams[edit]

On March 4, 2013, TooDming announced on his weibo that he had parted ways with Answer Gaming.[4]

On August 5, it was announced that TooDming had joined the Starcraft 2 division of Long Chen.[5]

On December 3, TooDming leaves Long Chen, and joins Zenith of Origin.[6]

2014 WCS America Season 1[edit]

On January 3, 2014, TooDming qualified for WCS America 2014 Season 1 Challenger League through the Chinese qualifier. On February 20, TooDming advanced to Ro16 of premier league after eliminating Scarlett with an impressive 360° surround in the final battle.[7] By defeating Scarlett, TooDming advanced to the main stage of WCS series for the first time. In the R016 he faced Arthur, winning his first game handily, but dropping the second game to Arthur's Skytoss, and the final game to an 8-gate all-in.[8]

2014 WCS America Season 2[edit]

During season 2, TooDming once again showed an exciting performance in the group stage, especially in the back and forth series against Alicia, in which he managed to gain advantages in the early game. However, he could not convert the advantages into victories, with some over-committing battles that resulted in his 1-2 loss to Alicia. Nonetheless, the Chinese Zerg player, despite the disappointing defeat, was still able to snatch a Ro16 spot by beating Illusion twice in the group.
During the Ro16 group stage, he made a good plan of ZVT. He succeed in 2-0 victory to Bomber for the first time and led Polt by 1-0. However, Polt knew his method. He lost both Polt and Bomber by 0-4.

Matches in USA (MLG and Red Bull Battle Grounds)[edit]

Because some Premier Tournaments were held before 2014 WCS America Season 2, TooDming hoped to get help in order to participate in more matches. Later, he joined in 2014 MLG Anaheim and 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Atlanta. During MLG, he played better than before. After he defeated PiLiPiLi, binski and Choya, he lost DongRaeGu and KeeN. In Atlanta, though his opposite players were not strong before meeting HuK, Suppy and he helped each other more perhaps due to Chinese language. He got 5th-8th as the best result in 2014.

2014 WCS America Season 3[edit]

In the Ro32 of premier league, TooDming didn't play well. He didn't got a point of the match against Scarlett and Seed.

2015 WCS Season 1[edit]

TooDming lost to Jim by a score of 2-3 during the Challenge League.

2015 WCS Season 2[edit]

After defeating Clavie, his new teammate - Cyan and XY, TooDming got the chance of entering WCS Premier again. He was faced with his old opponent, XiGua. At this time, he got success. He beat XiGua by 3-2. He returned Premier League though before then, Mystery gave him more pressure during the process.
Faced with two Korean players, ForGG and StarDust, he did his best and won the first match against StarDust. However, he still lost due to lack of more preparation.

2015 WCS Season 3[edit]

He lost to XiGua in GPL 2015 Season 2 Premier League Round of 8, thus giving his opponent the opportunity to return to WCS Premier League.

MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015[edit]

After beating Jim and Mystery, TooDming got the chance to challenge the USA once again. Although he was not thought to win a match, he won Harstem. However, he lose 0-4 to two Korean players in the group, sOs and Solar. He got a position of 9th-12th in the tournament.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

NationWars III‎‎[edit]

He got the opportunity of participating in the tournament as the member of Mainland China. At last, he got the result of 2-4. He won two games against Cheetos and Hydra.

GPL International 2016[edit]

He got the opportunity of Gold Series International 2016 by winning Cyan in the open qualifier. Although he lost to Sioras while no one imagined it before this match started, he still won Has twice with his airdrop tactics and entered Ro8. After he lost to PtitDrogo, he got the best result in Chinese Mainland and with Has in China - 5th to 8th.

Other Information[edit]

During the era of Heart of the Swarm, other players of Zenith of Origin didn't help TooDming so much (only get 7th place in NeoTV Starcraft League 2015). As the captain, coach and player of ZoO, he is still busy. However, in LotV, Chick showed his power at last and as the best of Zenith of Origin entered 2016 Kung Fu Cup Season 1 through he could win TooDming in the inside matches of ZoO.



First Person View Match VODS[edit]


  • Played Zerg in Brood War as well.
  • Tood sounds like tu dou which means potato in Chinese.


In A2Major Tournaments
2019-11-08CA3rdNeXT 2019 AutumnOcean GamingOcean Gaming1 : 4NewbeeNewbee$476.33
2019-05-31BA2ndNeXT 2019 SpringOcean GamingOcean Gaming2 : 4NewbeeNewbee$1,450.90
2019-01-21DA4th2019 WCS Winter Americas China Qualifier1 : 3$733
2019-01-11BA2ndGPL 2018 - Grand Finals2 : 3$4,362
2018-06-30BA2ndGPL 2018 Season 3TVS GamingTVS Gaming0 : 4$2,371
2018-05-12CA3rdGPL 2018 Season 23 : 1$1,265
2018-02-02CA3 - 4thGPL 2017 - Grand Finals2 : 3$2,384
2017-12-17BA2ndNational Electronic Sports Open 20173 : 4$4,534
2017-11-25CA3rd2018 WCS Leipzig: China Qualifier3 : 2$1,215
2017-11-19BA2ndKung Fu Super League 20170 : 4$2,400
2017-06-30CA3rdGPL 2017 Season 21–2Grp S.$2,200
2017-05-21BA2ndGPL 2017 Season 1 Second Half2 : 4$2,178.98
2017-04-09CA3 - 4thGPL 2017 Season 1 First Half0 : 3$3,331.72
2017-01-08AA1stGPL 2016 - Grand FinalsZenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 0$8,654
2016-11-11AA1stWorld Cyber Arena 2016: China Season 3Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 1$7,670
2016-10-23BA2nd2016 Kung Fu Cup Season 2Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin0 : 4$2,432
2016-07-03AA1stGPL 2016 Season 2Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin4 : 3$4,557
2016-05-19BA2ndWorld Cyber Arena 2016: China Spring QualifierZenith of OriginZenith of Origin2 : 3$4,600
2016-04-06BA2nd2016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: ChinaZenith of OriginZenith of Origin0 : 2$1,200
2016-01-24BA2ndGPL 2015 - Grand FinalsZenith of OriginZenith of Origin2 : 4$4,608
2015-11-08AA1stNational Electronic Sports Open 2015Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 1$6,320
2015-09-09BA2ndWorld Leisure Games 2015 Iron Curtain CupZenith of OriginZenith of Origin0 : 2$4,705
2015-04-19BA2ndGPL 2015 Season 1 Premier LeagueZenith of OriginZenith of Origin1 : 4$1,280
2015-01-25AA1stGPL 2014 Season 2 Premier LeagueZenith of OriginZenith of Origin4 : 2$4,832
2015-01-18CA3rdStarcraft 2 Online-Championships 2013-2014: Grand FinalsZenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 0$1,630
2014-09-25CA3 - 4thGPL 2014 Season 1 Premier LeagueZenith of OriginZenith of Origin1 : 3$805
2013-03-09CA3 - 4thG-League 2012 Season 20 : 3$1,600
2012-11-03BA2ndIEF 2012AnSwer GamingAnSwer Gaming1 : 2$5,000
2012-08-11BA2ndG-League 2012 Season 12 : 3$3,140
2012-07-21CA3rdAsia StarCraft II Invitational TournamentInvictus GamingInvictus Gaming5 : 5Xeria GamingXeria Gaming$666.67
2012-04-15CA3rdNEO Star League 2012 Season 1PanDareaPanDarea3 : 2$1,586
2012-01-12CA3rdWorld GameMaster Tournament 2012PanDareaPanDarea1 : 2$793
2012-01-07CA3 - 4thG-League 2011 Season 3PanDareaPanDarea2 : 3$1,550
In A3Minor Tournaments
2017-07-23AA1stWESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific China Beijing Qualifier2 : 0$445
2014-10-26AA1stSOC 2013-2014: Autumn, Week 7Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 0$163
2014-10-19AA1stSOC 2013-2014: Autumn, Week 6Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 2$163
2014-03-22AA1stIfeng Electronic Sports Cup 16Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin2 : 0$165
2014-01-05AA1stSOC 2013-2014: Winter, Week 5Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin3 : 1$163
2013-09-24AA1stNEO Star League 2013Long ChenLong Chen3 : 1$1,632
2011-06-18AA1stNetEase Starcraft2 League 2011: Team TournamentTyLooTyLoo5 : 4Catastrophic Cruel MemoryCatastrophic Cruel Memory$193.20
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 vs vs vs vs Total
as 0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %
as 412 - 30557.5 %290 - 22856 %309 - 24455.9 %37 - 0100 %1048 - 77757.4 %

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