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Triple Proxy Barracks

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[e][h]Triple Proxy Barracks
Strategy Information


The goal of this build is to either cause enough economic damage to put ahead again, despite the SCV's you pulled, or straight up win the game. It is strongest against Zerg, because the majority of the time they will do a Hatchery First opening which delays their Zerglings enough to give you time to get a Bunker up.

Basic Build Order[edit]

This BO is similar to a HotS opening named Double Proxy Barracks.

Triple Proxy Barracks
  1. Send two SCV to proxy location
  2. @1% send third SCV to proxy location
  3. @100% call down a Mule


When you build the 3 Barracks, make sure that they aren't in range of a Watchtower's vision range, and that they are out of the way of the normal scouting path for your opponent. Generally you want to build the Barracks quite close to your base, so you can float them over when you've stopped the aggression. When you build the Bunker, you may need to build a 'train' of them up to your opponent's Hatchery. Try and build the 1st Bunker out of sight of your opponent's Overlords, so he can't try and cancel it by attacking it with Drones. On some maps you can wall off the front of your opponent's natural with 3 Bunkers, denying the natural base until your opponent can make enough Banelings and Zerglings to bust through. Remember that the further forward you build the Barracks, the earlier you need to pull SCVs. Don't just blindly follow this build, use it as a guide and refine it until it works for you.

Against a Protoss, you need to be diligent when scouting, because if he is going for a 2 Gate Adept Harass or any other kind of early aggression, you may need to just float your Barracks back and expand. If your Barracks are scouted when building, just like in TvZ, cancel them and Command Center First.


When you use this build, you have to be pretty flexible with what you do. In a TvZ, if you scout a standard Hatchery First, then you should just get the bunker up and proceed with the attack. However, if you scout something out of the ordinary like an early Pool (12 to 14), then you should change what you do.


Execution vs Zerg[edit]

When you execute your attack, you need to be very, very careful with your Marines. That's what makes this build hard to do sometimes, one slip up can lose you everything. You want to move into your opponent's natural with your initial 3 Marines as well as SCVs. Make sure that your opponent can't surround your initial Marines with their Drones, because that just ends the attack. You will need to micro your SCVs while kiting with the Marines. SCV micro is a mix of attacking, retreating and holding position to protect your Marines. You will have to use corners as well as your SCVs to make sure they survive until Marines 4 and 5 come, because they will help you kill Drones much faster. If your opponent pulls 10 or more Drones, consider retreating until more SCVs and Marines can join up with your force. When you build the 1st Bunker, you have a few options where to build it. If you think you can get away with it, you can build it directly in range of your opponents Hatchery. Alternatively, you can build your 1st Bunker near the natural ramp, and then your 2nd Bunker in range of the Hatchery.

After this first attack you have two options. The first is, you build 2 Command Centers, one at your natural and one in your main, then you build 2 Barracks at your natural's ramp while floating back the 2 proxied Barracks to complete the wall, and build Refineries on your mains gas geysers. You can then tech up to Stim, Combat Shield, Siege Tanks and Medivacs while taking your 3rd base. From there, get double Engineering Bays for upgrades, and play a normal macro game from your ahead position. The second option is, build 2 more Barracks in a proxied position, and try and end the game from there. Only do this if you have killed a lot of your opponent's Drones and don't think he can possibly have enough to defend it.

Execution vs Protoss[edit]

You need to have very good control to execute this build properly, as it is all in and doesn't really have a follow up unless you can do enormous amounts of damage. With the initial attack, you want to pull around 7 SCVs (including the 2 building the Barracks) because Stalkers have a much easier time picking SCVs off than Zerglings or Drones. You want to move in with your first 3 Marines, just like in TvZ, but instead of building a Bunker in your opponent's natural, you want to build it in your opponent's main. You really want to try and keep it out of sight, as you can then build a 2nd Bunker closer to your opponents production and mineral line while still having the protection of the 1st Bunker. If you can, pick off the Cybernetics Core to prevent Warp Gate being researched, as well as stop production of Stalkers. In general. Stalkers really are the bane of this build, as their higher speed, regenerating shields and longer range makes it very easy for them to pick off your Marines and SCVs.


This build doesn't usually require a great deal of adaptation, because it can deal with pretty much everything. During your first attack, if you can, count how many Drones you killed and how many SCVs you lost. If you think you are ahead of him in SCVs, then you can take more risks, such as earlier Engineering Bays instead of getting Siege Tanks, or no bunker at the front. However, if you think you didn't do much damage, you need to try and scout what he's doing.

Replays and VODs[edit]

Since this build relies heavily on Micro, LotV and HotS resources are used.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

South Korea  Jjakji Jjakji builds two Proxy-Rax and three Bunkers at Solar's Natural. His followup are hellions.
South Korea  Solar
Date: 2017-11-26
Patch: 4.0.x VOD
United Kingdom  DeMusliM DeMusliM chooses a big map to use this build, first mistake. And the build is not executed correctly (205 minerals: 3rd Barracks), second mistake. Bly has better Micro and wins the game.
Ukraine  Bly
Date: 2015-05-19
Patch: 2.5.x VOD

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

These Replays and VODs are old, but they show the Micro you should learn to execute this build.

South Korea  TaeJa TaeJa opens double proxy Barracks, gets his bunker up and kills of most of ViBE's economy, winning him the game.
United States  ViBE
Date: 2012-12-06
Patch: Patch 1.5.3 VOD
South Korea  Flash Flash proxies 2 Barracks in the middle of the map, killing NaNiwa's key infrastructure as well as all of NaNiwa's probes, giving him the victory.
Sweden  NaNiwa
Date: 2012-11-03
Patch: Patch 1.5.3 VOD
South Korea  Flash 11-11 Rax vs. 10 Pool
South Korea  Sirius
Date: 2012-10-25
Patch: Patch 1.5.3 VOD