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Two Factory Siege All-in (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Two Factory Opening into Three Tank Rush
Strategy Information
Rush, Cheese, All-in


Feinting a Reactor Hellion Expand (vs. Zerg) by producing Hellions (2) and then quickly producing Siege Tanks (3) and then all-in with SCVs and Marines surrounding the Siege Tanks, so Zerglings cannot attack them.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Saving up the gas will allow for brief Siege Tank production from Factories (1) (2) to about Siege Tank (5). But there is no spare gas or minerals due to the cost.
  • Use the first two Hellions to scout and pressure Zerglings, but do not lose them or harass opposing workers, as they are needed for the push.
  • The build order ends once the fifth Siege Tank is complete.


  • Use Hellions to scout for a Hatchery First build, if anything else Siege Expand and use the two Factories for Mech opening with Hellions and Siege Tanks to cover an expand, and work up to Barracks (3) to make enough Marines in time for Mutalisks.