Under Rated Team League

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Funded by the owner of Under Rated Gaming Pat “handfromabov” Mclean the first season was a great start, have 24 teams including big names like Western Wolves Community Giants vVv and the once upon a time LighT E-sports. During the first season there were some great up and downs including vVv departing in an attempt to regroup themselves.

In the finals both Western Wolves and LighT not only not getting 1st seed to grant them the bye into the quarter finals (format being 12 teams in the playoffs with 1st seed starting off in the Ro8) but getting knocked out in the first round (soviet gaming def. Western Wolves- Fallacy def. LighT) things got really interesting. All in all though we had Clarity take home first and new pick ups showing them promise to be another favored team to take it all for the second season.

Season 2 is even larger with 44 teams at the highest level of competition participating including Infinity Seven, Clarity Gaming, FXOpen e-Sports and more.

Format for Seasons One and Two[edit]


  • All matches are Best of 7, All-Kill Format
  • Group Stage:
    • No vetoes (Season Two)
  • Top 3 teams advance to playoffs.
  • Playoffs:
    • Single-elimination playoffs for the top 12 teams.
  • 1st place advances directly to the Quarterfinals.
  • 2nd and 3rd places advance to the Round of 12.
  • If a tie breaker is needed the team with the better map score will be the one to advance

Prize Pool[edit]

Season One[edit]

The total prize pool is $500, divided among participants as follows:

Season Two[edit]