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Kuro (16thSquadSanseki)

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[e][h] Kuro
Player Information
August 8
Alternate IDs:
16thSquadSanseki, 16thSquadS, [16thSq] Kuro
The Structure Bringer, Bot Mod, Axiom.kurO, CJ kurO, Information Fairy, Krup
2015-08-?? - 2016-04-25
2016-02-15 - Present
2016-02-20 - Present
2016-10-23 - Present
2015-02-01 - Present

"Kuro" is a Zerg StarCraft II player from Poland, playing for, and managing, CranKy Ducklings. Kuro prides herself as one of CranK's Twitch moderators while being the current project leader of @StarCrafteSport and a part of the OlimoLeague team.


Kuro watched StarCraft played by her family ever since the game's release, while she started casually playing it herself around 1999. After StarCraft II came out, she stumbled upon Husky's YouTube videos, followed by TotalBiscuit's channel and Day[9]'s broadcasts, through which she found out about the game's esports scene. For the next few years Kuro watched the video content and casually followed some of the premier tournaments.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

First Steps in the Esports Scene[edit]

Inspired by the first Intel Extreme Masters event held in Poland, Kuro decided to try competing as well. In May 2013, she played in her first tournament, which was the Bronze-Platinum division of TumblrCraft Season 1, a tournament organized by the StarCraft II community of the blog website Tumblr. She was eliminated in Round 1 losing 0-2 to Cascide.

Finding out that TumblrCraft is not going to continue due to shortage of staff,[1] Kuro decided to take over the management role in the organization. In December 2013, she published the new official website and started to develop the community with the help of restructured admin team.[2]

At the end of 2013, Kuro took part in the Bronze-Silver division of DKTL Season 2, a tournament organized by the Day[9] community. It was the first event where she officially played as Zerg. Winning a single match against Cadwah, she was able to secure second place.

On April 17, 2014, TumblrCraft Season 2 was announced with Kuro as the lead admin of the project.[3] The tournament officially started in May and featured two divisions played in Single Elimination format - Gold-Platinum and Diamond-GM. The event successfully crowned its winners in June 2014 but unfortunately, it suffered from various miscommunication issues due to which it was never continued. That discouraged Kuro from creating tournaments for a long time.

Legacy of the Void[edit]


  • The owner of herO Fan Club, TRUE Fan Club, CranK Fan Club and Hydra Fan Club on
  • Twitch moderator for CranK, TRUE, herO, Pet, Creator, Forte, Seed, Alicia, Zest.
  • Started her adventure in StarCraft II as a Protoss player as that was the race she used the most in Brood War. Her preferred style was generally Stalker heavy and her nemesis were Void Rays.
  • Switched to Zerg around December 2013 influenced by trying out the race in the Heart of the Swarm campaign and watching Jaedong.
  • Identifies herself as a Day[Knight] (Day[9] fan) and mentions that she learned the positive attitude to the game from him.
  • In her first Olimoleague attempt got brutally cannon rushed out of the tournament by her friend, KatatoniK (the same person who convinced her to sign up).
  • Attempted a proxy Hatchery on Proxima Station vs ByuN in a casted match of OlimoLeague Week #80.


Broadcasted Games[edit]



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