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CranKy Ducklings

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May 2017

CranKy Ducklings is a clan organizing tournaments and creating gaming related content. To read more about its competitive activity, go here.


The CranKy clan was founded on February 1, 2015, as a Twitch subscriber group of CranK. Originally, the full name of the group was TeamCranK but in May, 2017, it was changed to CranKy Ducklings inspired by CranK's duck stream mascot.

The Ducklings started as a group of people playing games together and competing in tournaments such as OlimoLeague. Over the years the community became also more active in terms of cooperation projects, such as creating an Arcade map "A CranKy Duckventure" as a wedding gift for CranK[1] or running a crowdfunding campaign for one of the members, Kuro[2]. On the beginning of 2017 an idea was born to make a tournament in more amateur setting. Originally, it was dedicated to CranK's viewers, but the event had to be scrapped due to it being too complicated to manage with both English and Korean communities. However, the idea itself was not completely forgotten.

On October 24, 2017, CranKy Ducklings announced the first edition of Sea Duckling Open, a weekly tournament for players ranked Bronze - Diamond.[3]

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