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CranKy Ducklings

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Company Information
May 2017

CranKy Ducklings is a group organizing tournaments, casting events and creating gaming related content. To read more about its competitive activity, go here.


The CranKy clan was founded on February 1, 2015, as a Twitch subscriber group of CranK. Originally, the full name of the group was TeamCranK but in May, 2017, it was changed to CranKy Ducklings inspired by CranK's duck stream mascot.

The Ducklings started as a group of people playing games together and competing in tournaments such as OlimoLeague. Over the years the community became also more active in terms of cooperation projects, such as creating an Arcade map "A CranKy Duckventure" as a wedding gift for CranK[1] or running a crowdfunding campaign for one of the members, Kuro[2].

2017: First Steps as an Organisation[edit]

On the beginning of 2017 an idea was born to make a tournament in more amateur setting. Originally, it was dedicated to CranK's viewers, but the event had to be scrapped due to it being too complicated to manage with both English and Korean communities. However, the idea itself was not completely forgotten.

On October 24, 2017, CranKy Ducklings announced the first edition of Sea Duckling Open, a weekly tournament for players ranked Bronze - Diamond.[3] The first iteration of the event had no live cast available. Instead, Kuro, Light_VIP and Yakuzaku hosted "Replay Reviews" where they commentated every series of the tournament.

Starting on SDO #2, Steelmold became a member of the production team to provide live casting for the event. Only 3 weeks later, he was joined by the first 3-time SDO champion and now Masters league player, Lumiya, creating one of the iconic CranKy Ducklings casting duos.

To close the first season of CranKy events, the organisation held a series of showmatches on December 29, called the Duckling Showdown 2017. The broadcast featured players who in some way stood out during the season.

2018: Exploring Different Kinds of Content Creation[edit]

With the two titans of SDO, Lumiya and Blisk, getting promoted to Masters league, the tournament was off to a fresh start with a new champion every week. The Ducklings took note that more and more regulars were promoting out of the event restrictions, while still wanting to be involved in some way, often casting alongside Steelmold.

After SDO #12, Lumiya had to step down from the casting position to focus on other matters. Other than the occasional appearances by the tournament regulars, Steelmold had to look for another regular casting partner and he found one in non other than Yakuzaku. They became another iconic casting duo of CranKy Ducklings.

February 22, 2018, marked the premiere of new Duckling broadcast - The PondCast featuring Kuro, Light_VIP, Yakuzaku and Milkncookies. It was a talk show discussing recently completed, ongoing and upcoming amateur events in the StarCraft II scene. Originally, the episodes were prerecorded but starting from Episode 4 the show was broadcasted live.

On March 26, 2018, CranKy Ducklings announced their second amateur tournament series, this time with a cap of 4900 MMR - Master Swan Open.[4] It was aimed at the players who had promoted out of SDO but wanted to continue to compete without having to face professional players.

On April 30, 2018, the Ducklings published the first episode of Duck Tape - regular highlight compilations from the CranKy Ducklings channel and the streams of clan's memebers.

Encouraged by Voltacus, Yakuzaku tried his writing skills, publishing the CranKy Ducklings Power Ranking and a recap of their Validity Team League Season 2 run. With that experience, on September 6, 2018, he started a new series of articles commonly called the Aquatic Bird Reports. Those, originally monthly, features provided a summary of the CranKy events as well as showcased the players who stood out the most and the must-see matches.

Once again, the CranKy season was closed with a series of showmatches in the Duckling Showdown 2018. This time the theme of the show was the year-long rivalry between CranKy Ducklings and Psionic Aftermath, jokingly called the sister clan due to many personal similarities.

2019: Getting More Involved in the SEA-OCE Region[edit]

Due to popular demand of more low Masters level tournaments, on February 20, 2019, it was announced that SDO and MSO, originally weekly and monthly tournaments respectively, are becoming biweekly alternating events.[5]

On May 30, 2019, CranKy Ducklings shared their first official jersey design.[6]

After gathering experience participating in various team tournaments and following the events of the scene, the Ducklings decided to create their own team league dedicated to amateur players. And so on June 25, 2019, Oceanic Pond League was announced.[7] It was an invitational team event with level restrictions similar to those of SDO and MSO. For the first time in the Ducklings history the tournament also featured a money prize pool of $500 AUD.

On September 11, 2019, CranKy Ducklings announced a new tournament series - Grand Platypus Open.[8] Unlike their previous weekly events, the event featured no league restictions and a monetary prize pool. However, only players from SEA and OCE regions were eligible to participate.

Over time CranKy Ducklings hosted multiple events but they decided that it would be beneficial to the scene to also bring more local tournaments to the wider audience. On September 25, 2019, they started as the official English broadcast of the Vietnam Team League.[9] Occassionaly, they have also covered other events, such as Ao Dai Weekly or Leipzig eSports Community Cup.

2020: New Casting Opportunities and the Latin American Scene[edit]

2021: The CranKy Ducklings Professional Team[edit]

Events Organized[edit]

Events Broadcasted[edit]

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ID Name Position
Poland Kuro Manager
Australia Light_VIPLloyd Sanchez Manager / Caster
United States DallyCat
United States Milkncookiesss Caster
United States mLty Caster
Germany PhoenixJens I.
Australia QuirkyJames Quirk Caster
Israel Steelmold Caster
Singapore YakuzakuDylan Tay Caster / Writer

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