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CranKy Ducklings: Showmatches

This page lists all official showmatches organized by CranKy Ducklings.

Showmatch List[edit]

Duckling Showdown[edit]

End-of-year showmatch show. The match ups are inspired by the events happening during the organization's tournament season as well as the matches of the CranKy Ducklings clan.

# Date Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 VOD
2017 2017-12-29 Australia  Light_VIP
United States of America  Milkncookies
Australia  Lumiya
Canada  Blisk
Singapore  Yakuzaku
United Kingdom  KatoatoniK
Germany  Phoenix
South Africa  PhoenixTears
2018 2018-12-27 Singapore  Yakuzaku
United States of America  Warbuffll
United States of America  Milkncookies
Singapore  Nemesis
United Kingdom  Daunted
Netherlands  Sashamon
Australia  Light_VIP
South Africa  TerranLord
2019 2019-12-28 United Kingdom  Voltacus
United Kingdom  Quaterno
United Kingdom  Chelch
United States of America  mLty
Germany  XPA
Israel  Caerwyn
Australia  Probe
India  Demi

VTL S2 Warm Up Clan Wars[edit]

Friendly clan wars in preparation for Validity Team League Season 2.

# Date Team 1 Team 2 VOD
#1 2018-05-06 CranKy Ducklings Ris3n Community
#2 2018-05-13 CranKy Ducklings Psionic Aftermath
#3 2018-05-19 CranKy Ducklings All-Inspiration


Date Name Participants VOD
2018-05-27 [CranKy] Light_VIP vs [PsiX] Voltacus Australia  Light_VIP
United Kingdom  Voltacus

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