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aNgel's WingS SC2[edit]

[e][h]aNgel's WingS SC2 Roster
Team Information
Marc "JuliaN" Roni


aNgel's WingS is a French-based organization born during 2004-2005 season.

Among the games we play is StarCraft II.

The clan will take part in tournaments like Russian Starcraft 2 Team League, AlphaSC2, All-in The nydus, Wardi and Koprulu League.

Team Roster[edit]

ID 2018
frFrance z XVeC -
beBelgium z Dasana -
frFrance t Tee -
frFrance t JoJo -
chSwitzerland z IceWorld -
frFrance z Poucky -
beBelgium z Mookashade -
beBelgium t LeBenobo -
frFrance z Askiarsh -
frFrance z Rheidizded -
frFrance t ZphiR -
frFrance t Masterbonsai -
beBelgium z PousStache -
frFrance t Fantasma -
frFrance t LLVR/Slayers -
frFrance z Thuume -
frFrance z Davbond -
frFrance z Light -
frFrance p PregHat/erra -
beBelgium p Emer -
beBelgium t Marcaroni/Achdragon -
frFrance p aTz -
frFrance z iMagestik -
frFrance z Jeatall -
beBelgium t Romulus -
beBelgium t eTn -
frFrance z Acidez -
frFrance z Nobody -
frFrance t Weedababzz -
frFrance t Kleinoxe -
frFrance z Yuhm0 -
frFrance z SkeletN -
frFrance t Nightmare/tisse -
frFrance z LeMiche -