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[e][h]Houkago Tea Team
Team Information
Azusa "ƎDESU" Nakano
Team Earnings:
$0 USD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

It is a historical, outdated page[edit]


HTT is a simple team, which was originally created by mates in order to play on RSTL. And although the lineup was changed for several times, team's atmosphere is still very friendly. You can always find someone to play a problematic match-up, analyze a replay, relax in team game, whine on imba or play in StarCraft-by-correspondence. Viewing of the tournaments with a discussion in the conference are attached. We pursue the idea of fair and square play for fun and good games. At the moment HTT is participating in every team league we discovered so far: ESL, SC2ITL, Koprulu, Wannawar and Alpha. FCW with different teams are not rare.


  • January 20, McZero joins main squad.
  • February 2, SpellSinger joins main squad.
  • February 10, main squad (Senpai) now ~master2+ (~5000mmr+) players and kohai separated to masters/high diamond and diamond for participating in Alpha 8 with 3 squads: Senpai and master/high dia Kohai in Non-Pro division and diamond Kohai are in Amateur (masters-free) division. In RSTL 11 Senpai participate in 2nd division, Kohai in 3rd division. FunnyZerg moved to kohai squad to help them.
  • February 11, Power joins main squad.
  • February 19, RinKokonoe joins main squad.
  • May 2, Arctur joins main squad.
  • May 8, BlueCheese joins, Reinca re-joins main squad and DaGGoth joins second one.
  • May 13th, HTT placed 3rd in Alpha SC2 Team League Season 8 No-Pro division, losing 2-3 to Iron Chain and 3-1'd ECV Academy.
  • June 3, HTT placed 2nd in Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 11 2nd division, losed to AddicT+OC+RodG 3-5.
  • June 28, NoLimit joins main squad.
  • July 1, negativ joins second squad.
  • January 4, FunnyZerg joins team.
  • February 6, HTT placed 15-16/42 at Alpha 4.
  • February 21, Matvey joins team.
  • March 26, Fable joins team.
  • April, HTT officially separeted to 2 squads, now Senpai (HTT) with master players in roster and Kohai (HTT ni) with diamonds to participate in 2 divisions of Alpha 5.
  • May, HTT placed 24-30/40 at Alpha 5 Pro and HTT ni 18/22 in Alpha 5 Amateur.
  • June 6, AdmiralMer joins 2nd squad.
  • August, HTT placed 9/16 at Alpha 6 Non-Pro, 7/13 at RSTL 10 3rd Div and NewFag & Мета join 2nd squad.
  • October 20, GhostHell joins main squad.
  • November 13, Judicator joins main squad.
  • November 19, HTT ni won Alpha 7 Amateur.
  • December 18, HTT placed 11-12/22 at Alpha 7 Non-Pro.
  • February 19, HTT placed 7-8/21 at RSTL 7 3rd Div.
  • March 10, Ditrih joins team.
  • March 13, Thunderkiss joins team.
  • April 12, 2nd place at Alpha 1.
  • April 13, Sunokasuri joins team.
  • May 10, Eekone joins team.
  • June 17, dEspAiR joins team.
  • June 29, HTT won RSTL 8 3rd division.
  • July 9, HTT placed 6/18 at Alpha 2.
  • August, Latau and SexyDrone join team.
  • November 2, HTT placed 7-8/30 at Alpha 3.
  • November 16, HTT placed 5/14 at RSTL 9 3rd Div.
  • December 12, NightWalker joins team.
  • December 25, NukeLar joins team.
  • February 19, Moodswings joins team.
  • July 9, HTT placed 9-10/19 ar RSTL 5 2nd Div.
  • October 9, Radical joins team.
  • October 11, Karas, emian and qwertygont join team.
  • November 30, HTT placed 7th in RSTL 6 3rd Div.


ID Name
Senpai squad
Ukraine  NukeLar() Volodymyr Dorosh
Russia  Matvey Matvey Yarkov
Czech Republic  Ditrih Shavzis Lev
Russia  slshrz Pavel Strokan
Russia  SexyDrone Imirali Bayrambekov
Russia  SpellSinger Petr Umnikov
Russia  RinKokonoe
Russia  Power
Russia  Arctur Aleksey Rozhnov
Slovakia  BlueCheese Radovan Viselka
France  Reinca Théo Herbin
Czech Republic  NoLimit Pavel Kubů
Kohai squad
Russia  Мета()
Russia  FunnyZerg Artyom Selivanov
Russia  Latau
Russia  Karas
Ukraine  GhostHell Artem Kartoguzov
Russia  McZero
Russia  Sunokasuri
Russia  HatsuneMiku
Russia  Fable
Russia  Eekone
Russia  NewFag
Russia  DemOne
Russia  DarkSwarm
Ukraine  set
Russia  Legion
Russia  OhLordPlease
Russia  lockdown
Russia  DaGGoth
Russia  AdmiralMer
Russia  Altmax
Russia  negativ
Russia  ƎDESU


ID Name
Russia  Dobro
Russia  dEspAiR

Notable Formers[edit]

ID Name New Team
Russia  Almand None
Russia  Radical None
Russia  Lost Team Empire
Russia  Fuhrer None
Russia  NightWalker None
Russia  Thunderkiss None
Russia  Mono None
Russia  no.tsche None
Russia  Brew None
Russia  nOShank None
Russia  Moodswings None
Russia  ZoDiac None
Russia  Judicator 7x Team



ID Name Discord Position
Russia 3DESU Azusa Nakano azunyashka#5203 General Manager
Russia Eekone 良い子ね#9299 Sub Manager
Russia Мета Мета#9424 2nd Squad Manager
Ukraine NukeLar Volodymyr Dorosh NukeLar#9425 Team Captain
Russia quasar Liz N. Secret manager

Notable Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
SC2Improve Team League S4 Div. 3 Group A 4th place Glory
12.04.15 Alpha_SC2_Team_League/Season_1 2nd Glory
Alpha sc2 Team League Season 2 6th place Glory
29.06.2015 Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8 Houkago Tea Team 5 - 4 Galactic Gaming $22
SC2Improve Team League S5 Div. 3 Group B 3rd place Glory
02.11.2015 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 3 4-8th place Glory
Psy-eSports-League Season 3 Div. 2 3rd place Glory
19.11.16 Alpha_SC2_Team_League/Season_7/Euro_Amateur 1st Glory
2.05.17 Alpha_SC2_Team_League/Season_8/Euro_Non-Pro 3rd Glory
3.06.17 Russian_Starcraft_2_Team_League_Season_11/Division_2 2nd $38


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