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1 Base Nydus Roach[edit]

[e][h] 1 Base Nydus Roach
Strategy Information
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This is a reactionary 1 base all-in for when Zerg gets their ramp or choke sealed with Pylons when Protoss does a Forge FE, and when the map is favorable for offensive Nydus Worms. It should only be used in this specific situation.


If you are unfortunate enough to get your ramp or choke sealed with Pylons, your options are extremely limited. You can try to break out, but by that time Protoss will have expanded already, and you will be very behind economically, enough to lose the game in almost any circumstance.

This is an all-in designed to kill Protoss before they have anything that can deal with Roaches in their base. Normally a Protoss who does Forge FE gets Stalkers very late, only after a 2nd Nexus, a Forge, at least 1 Cannon, and a Cybernetics Core. Even then, the first unit is usually a Sentry so that Protoss can protect their Natural from a Baneling Bust or Roach pressure.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • @ 100 , Lair[1]
  • Extractor (2)
  • @ 150 , Roach Warren
  • @ 100 , spine crawler
  • @ 100% Lair, Nydus Network
  • @ 150 , Queen
  • Make pure Roaches
  • @ 100% Nydus Network, place Nydus Worm in Protoss base
  • @ 100% Queen, inject and load Queen into the Network
  • Load all available units into the Network, Rally units to the Network and attack
  1. If you opened gas first, cancel queen and/or Zergling Speed. If you haven't taken gas yet, do it immediately


The Spine Crawler is to deny scouting and kill the Pylons at your ramp. When your Lair finishes, make sure you have 1 or 2 Overlords ready to generate creep, so that your Spine Crawler can move up and kill the Pylons


This should only be used if Protoss is expanding after sealing you in. If he's not, he'll have units ready when your Nydus Worm finishes, and you won't do any damage.


Make sure to use your initial Zerglings and your Spine Crawler to deny scouting. If Protoss wants to scout your base, he can build a Pylon and then cancel it to slip through the Pylon wall.

It's also important to have your first 2 Overlords positioned to place a Nydus Worm at 2 possible locations. This is so that if Protoss has a pylon near one location, you can use the other one for the Nydus Worm.

When the Network finishes, load your initial Zerglings, all your Roaches and your Queen into the Network, and rally your hatchery to the Network.

Lastly, it's important to know the best places to put your Nydus Worm on the map. This is map-specific, but in general, you want to place the Worm in a corner of the Protoss base that WON'T be seen by units going to and from the Natural.


There is no adaptation here, if this allin succeeds then you most likely win. If the allin fails you are almost certainly going to lose. If you were able to kill enough Probes before your Nydus Worm dies, then you can transition as if you had opened with a Roach Pressure opening.


Pro features[edit]

The only maps this will work on are maps with a large and/or awkwardly shaped main base, large enough to hide a Nydus Worm in at least 2 locations. This includes:

Con features[edit]

Any map that doesn't have a large or awkwardly-shaped main base


ZeNEXLine(Z) v ZeNEXYong(P) on Shakuras Plateau - TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #17 Quarter Finals, Game 1 - Line gets himself into this situation because he doesn't send his 2nd Overlord directly to his expansion area to spot offensive Pylons. However he follows up by executing this build perfectly - the Probe is denied scouting, and his Worm finishes just as Yong goes to place a scout Pylon there for vision.


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