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[e][h] BreakYa
Player Information
Jean Maillard
June 12, 1993 (1993-06-12) (age 27)
Alternate IDs:
RodGBreakYa, BreakYa
2012-08-04 - 2013-10-27
2013-10-27 - Present


Jean "BreakYa" Maillard is a Swiss Zerg player, who is currently playing for Romandy Gaming. He started playing SC2 since the release, and found his passion in streaming his ladder. He was a fulltime student in the university of applied sciences in Fribourg ref, but switched to half time student to play and stream more. He is currently top 20 Masters, and is training to get to GM.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

BreakYa started playing SC2 with teamgames with friends, and did not practice 1on1 at all for months. He began to play it more seriously when he joined Binary Evasion. He's been top plat in the end of WoL.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In October 2013, he joined Romandy Gaming's academy team.[1] , at this point he started practicing more in the game, but ended up staying at the same level, because he didn't put enough effort into it.

He participated to the dreamhack stockholm open tournament but didn't pass the first group stage ref losing to lilbow and Winter (Swedish player)

In September 2014, he started his carreer as a semi-professionnal streamer, he switched to half time student to let him the time to practice and stream as much as possible.[Citation needed]

BreakYa managed to win his first Swiss LAN at Erenya LAN in February 2015.[2]


  • He spent more than one year playing nothing but teamgames with his buddys.
  • He's a master in the 2v2 proxyrax-8pool strategy Video.
  • He started as a Bronze Terran during early WoL.
  • He streams 5+ hours, 5 days a week schedule.
  • He likes Monster Energy drink.
  • He really wants to be a progamer/streamer.
  • He coaches player until plat league egg one school
  • He became master for the first time the 28th April 2015. Video


Date Event Result
2015-02-15 Erenya LAN  BreakYa 3 : 0  Shawn