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[e][h]Aachen eSport
Team Information
Arne "RayBeans" Timmermann
Team Captain:
Dominik "Stahlbolzen" Losch
Dennis "Crank" Jantsch
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


The first Barcraft in Aachen took place in October 2011. The creation of a team was only a matter of time. Aachen eSport wants to bring the gamers of all disciplines together and provide a platform for teammates, training partners and new friendships. A big bonus is the local organization and meetings outside the Internet.

Aachen eSport is firmly established in the german SC2 scene and is represented in many team leagues. Aachen eSport has also teams in: Dota2 and League of Legends.



  • January 1st, Aachen eSport is founded
  • April 16th, FeaR joins Aachen eSport
  • July 2nd, FeaR leaves to join ESC


  • February 13th, Aachen eSport started its own Cupseries, the ACe-Series

Player Roster[edit]

Active Team A[edit]

ID Name
deGermany p Stahlbolzen Dominik Losch
deGermany t Crank Dennis Jantsch
deGermany p Humpen Christian Gorski
deGermany z Isputs Rüdiger Berding
deGermany z Stebbins Mike Evers
deGermany p TESTO Gerald Smeraldo
deGermany p Pajo Gerrit Götze
deGermany p FaiTh Daniel Gageik
deGermany p Radical Wladislav Michaelis

Active Team B[edit]

ID Name
deGermany p kaOz Jhay Claveria
deGermany t Spatzle Dirk Bauer
deGermany t Twinkie Julian Leischner
deGermany z RayBeans Arne Timmermann
deGermany t Tertium Samuel Vaessen


ID Name
deGermany t Twinkie Julian Leischner
deGermany t Spatzle Dirk Bauer
deGermany p Stahlbolzen Dominik Losch
deGermany p Humpen Christian Gorski

Notable Former Members[edit]

ID Name New Team
deGermany P FeaR Richard Au ESC Gaming


ID Name Position
Germany RayBeans Arne Timmermann Leader
Germany Stahlbolzen Dominik Losch Manager
Germany Crank Dennis Jantsch Manager
Germany FaiTh Daniel Gageik Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2013-04-07 SC2CL Season VII 24 Points (Division 4c)
2013-07-28 SC2CL Season VIII 40 Points (Division 3a)
2013-11-24 SC2CL Season IX 38 Points (Division 2a)
2013-02-16 SC2Improve Team League/GroupC 8th Place