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[e][h] Priest
Player Information
James Barber (Preiss)
April 4th, 1991
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James "Priest" Barber is a Canadian masters Zerg player currently playing for Don't Go In There.

James started playing StarCraft II (his first competitive RTS) in late 2011. James started the game as Protoss and played for a few months until he switched to Zerg in January of 2012. One day while streaming in May of 2012, Bubba (former ROOT player) saw him, and decided to teach James how to play. Within 2 months James went from knowing nothing about the game to getting into Masters. Ever since then James has tried to balance practicing and working (sometimes) two jobs.

Little is known about Priest before August of 2011. Some say that he spent some time at an all-boys monastery in North Thailand. Some say the he ascended from the depths of Zerg hell. It has even been rumored that he spent some time in a Soviet prison for espionage.


James placed 3rd place at Frag For Cancer 8. He ended up being eliminated by Maximus Black in the loser's bracket finals. All the tournament profits went to charity, and the tournament ended up raising over $10,000 for cancer research.


- James once (while working in a produce department) ate an entire pineapple in one shift. Although his sense of accomplishment was great, he soon felt the wrath of his anus.


Documentary on the amateur scene in sc2, specifically related to Andrew Martin (manager of Integrity Gaming):