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Team GoldMasters

[e][h]Team GoldMasters
Team Information
GermanyDerZerfetzer "Fetzer"
CroatiaMatija "Sickneel"
Team Captain:
United KingdomMoltenSC "Molten"
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

Team GoldMasters is a team that was formed out of the former Team Second Wind keeping a lot of it's members. It was a Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone Multigaming Clan. Team GoldMasters reformed in 2018. Main goals of the team is to provide friendly atmosphere where its members can improve, and to compete in team leagues.

Player Roster[edit]

Player Roster[edit]

ID Name 2018
GermanyGermany z DerZerfetzer Frederic -
GermanyGermany z Haze Dennis -
PeruPeru t NeO Fabrizio -
BelgiumBelgium z Waffle Kevin -
CroatiaCroatia p Sickneel Matija -
SwedenSweden p Sparkyy Sebastian -
FranceFrance t Diarouga Clement -
SwedenSweden t Johman Johan -
GermanyGermany t TeoSaurus Findout -
CanadaCanada p Zkay Findout -
NetherlandsNetherlands z Speckops Elwin -
SwedenSweden z Zenith Edvin -
Czech RepublicCzech Republic p Simba Michal -
SwedenSweden t MonstR Alexander -
VenezuelaVenezuela p WindmillMan Alonso -
GreeceGreece t Protiselaos Haritonas -
SpainSpain z FireFly Ruben -
NetherlandsNetherlands z Blackwidow Rutger -
FranceFrance t Leukos Valentin -
gbUnited Kingdom z Chubber Eathan -
SwedenSweden t Hyouka Christian -
NLNetherlands z Oldskool Hans -
BelgiumBelgium p Sapa Laurens -
gbUnited Kingdom p MoltenSC Robert -
GermanyGermany Z Scales Marlon -
BulgariaBulgaria z Remindbg Cvetomir -
PolandPoland z ryuu Łukasz -
Czech RepublicCzech Republic p Amberdrake Pavel -


ID Name Position
Germany DerZerfetzer Fetzer Teamleader
Croatia Sickneel Matija Teamleader

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Category Result
2019-04-07 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 13 Euro Amateur 2nd
2019-03-04 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 13 Euro Semi-Pro Top 16
2018-04-03 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 12 Euro Semi-Pro Top 16
2018-19-08 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 12 Euro Non-Pro Top 8
2018-07-11 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 12 Euro Amateur Top 16
2018-06-24 Alpha SC2 Team League Season 11 Euro Amateur Top 16