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User:Dracorath/Galactic Gaming

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[e][h]Galactic Gaming
Team Information
Team Captain:
Louis "Dracorath" Despres
Team Earnings:
$0 USD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
August 2014


Galactic Gaming is a competitive/casual Europe gaming team, primarily focused on StarCraft II. Initially founded as "GG" by Louis "Dracorath" Despres in August 2014 as a community clan. In early 2015, Galactic Gaming undergoes a restructure in management and comences preparation for a more competitive events such as team leagues and online tournaments. With future growth, GG plans to extend into more of a focused community for motivated players.

Full Description:

Galactic Gaming is an EU team consisting a range of players in Gold to Master. Most players in GG have been teams together for 5 years and many of us have journeyed together from Gold to Masters. GG is very social and active as a team (this is an important factor when looking for members). Considering the activity and how openly social the members are; everybody is friendly and always happy to chat. There is almost always a Skype Conversation going with players chatting while practicing or laddering. If preferred, players communicate vocally on GG's TeamSpeak server, where GG recommend you have a microphone, mostly so players can hear you laughing over GG's silly de-linquished humour.

GG's main goal is to play competitively in Clan Wars as well as having players compete in tournaments. As a team GG also talk together to help each other improve and overcome problems that a player may encounter. Again

As a community driven organization, Galactic Gaming emphasizes on providing opportunities to its members with the goal of them growing and developing into better players. These opportunities stem from connecting competitive and casual gamer's together to play games, discuss strategy, practice, compete, relax and enjoy the e-sports scene. Any recommendations that the players have involving different clan wars and fun events that are alike, are greatly appreciated and will not be looked down on. GG like to keep it in a type of “democracy”, meaning that GG will take everyone's opinions into notice.



ID Name Position
United Kingdom Dracorath.203 Louis Despres General Manager
Sweden Joebarnes Competitive CW Manager
Norway JohnType Practice Manager
United Kingdom Yuki TeamSpeak Owner

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
2014-11-30 Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8 Galactic Gaming $10