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HFR vs CPC Clanwar

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The HFR vs CPC Clanwar uses a Proleague Bo5 type of format, with a 2v2 ace. Matches are played in Bo3, and all players are lined up before the clanwar starts. All matches will be played. Players only face opponents of their league (as per 2015 Season 1 and 2 rankings). The 2v2 is not league-restricted, and 1v1 players may play in 2v2 if necessary.


Protoss (3) Terran (5) Zerg (1) Random (1)
HFR players (6)
France NoR France Dune France DexArvok France karoliko
France MiKaKa France Tarteens
CPC players (6)
France Eld France Haik
France Piotr France Azaroth
France Hydargos France Enoya


The map pool is the competitive 2015 Season 2 map pool. The very first map of the first Bo3 is forced to Vaani Research Station, then the series play out in a loser-picks-map fashion. At the beginning of a Bo3 (except for the first one), the player of the team that lost the last Bo3 will map pick. Each player is granted one veto, and each map can only be played once in a Bo3.

The map pool is:

1v1 2v2


Hardware FR 3 2 Canard PC
April 19, 2015 - 20:00 CEST
NoR  France France  Haik
karoliko  France France  Eld
MiKaKa  France France  Azaroth
Dune  France France  Enoya
Tarteens  France
DexArvok  France
France  Piotr
France  Hydargos

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