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HFR vs LCT Clanwar


The HFR vs LCT Clanwar uses a Proleague Bo5 type of format, with a 2v2 ace. Matches are played in Bo3, and all players are lined up before the clanwar starts. All matches will be played. Players only face opponents of their league (as per 2015 Season 1 and 2 rankings). The 2v2 is not league-restricted.


Protoss Protoss (2) Terran Terran (3) Zerg Zerg (3) Random Random (1)
HFR players (5)
France MiKaKa France tomtom France Morganno
France Wobeen
France Shin
LCT players (4)
France Bishop France Pyves
France Aldebalaran
France Adastrae


The map pool is the competitive 2015 Season 4 map pool. Map vetoes are done by the common competitive rules:

  • Player A vetoes 1 map
  • Player B vetoes 2 maps
  • Player A vetoes 1 map
  • Player A picks first map
  • Player B picks second map
  • If needed, the third map will be the remaining one.

The map pool is:

1v1 2v2


Hardware FR 1 4 La Cietrouille
October 04, 2015 - 20:00 CEST
Wobeen   France France   Pyves
tomtom   France France   Aldebalaran
Morganno   France
Wobeen   France
France   Bishop
France   Adastrae
Morganno   France France   Bishop
MiKaKa   France France   Adastrae

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