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This is a bot run by FO-nTTaX

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command what it does via channel
!fobot the bot introduces itself
!fobot coder bot gives information about the coder
!fobot addrole [wiki] bot adds role to user
!fobot blame bot blames salle
!fobot dance bot dances
!fobot dice [number][1] bot throws a dice with the number of sides specified
!fobot guides links to Liquipedia guides
!fobot help link to this manual
!fobot hype bot starts the hype
!fobot lie bot tells a lie
!fobot liquipedia links to all Liquipedias
!fobot mute mutes the bot
!fobot pendingchanges [wiki] bot displays a few pending changes
!fobot removerole [wiki] bot removes role from user
!fobot todo links to the todo lists
!fobot ranking links to the Liquipedia contributor rankings
!fobot search [searchstring] bot displays a few search results
!fobot unmute unmutes the bot
!fobot unreviewedpages [wiki] bot displays a few unreviewed pages


  1. 0 < "positive whole number" < 2147483648

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