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User:Flaxler/3 Roach Rush Speedling all-in (vs. Protoss)

[e][h] 3 Roach Rush Speedling all-in (vs. Protoss)
Strategy Information
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The Build uses fast Roaches in order to break the Protoss Wall-in and winning the game by sending in a massive amount of Speedlings.


The aim of the Build is to win the game by sending three early roaches nullifying the effect of the Protoss Wall-in and swarming in with Speedlings to end the game or at least causing a high economic loss for the Protoss.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 9 Overlord
  • 13 Pool
  • 12 Gas
  • 15 Queen
  • 15 Roach Warren
  • 16 Pair of Zerglings
  • 17 Metabolic Boost
  • 17 Overlord
  • @Roach Warren 100%: 3 Roaches
  • 23 Overlord
  • Speedlings


Kill scouting Probe with the first aviable pair of Zerglings, try to hide you're Roach Warren, you don't want youre opponent to know that you're playing an all-in. The Timing is the key: It is important that your gas comes right after your pool, so you are able to produce three Roaches at ones.

You should have exactly 100 Minerals and 100 Gas when you research Metabolic Boost.


You don't want to scout your opponent, just check out for proxie Gateways.


Send your first Overlord to the opponents Ramp(Overlord sight is 9 Range, so you should be able to have vision on the highground without getting the Overlord shot down). When you are at the ramp, u can eventually snipe one sentry, if not just try to snipe the Zealot in order to break the wall-in and make space for your Speedlings. Kill the left over Units with your Speedlings and then move on to the probeline. If the Cybernetics Core or a Gateway is powered by one Pylon it is a good idea to take the Pylon down and then attacking the Protoss economy.


This is an all-in, so if you haven't done enough damage to the Protoss econemy he should be ahead in terms of Harvester-Count. Try to Expand and pump drones, than transition into a normal Roach-Hydra-Corrupter Composition.


Scout the timing. scout for roach warren just after pool, keep probe scouting zerg base just until lings are coming out.

Make a 2nd gateway to complete ur wall. The Wall should be made out of 2 Gateways and a Cybernetics Core.

Make a Sentry after Zealot like normal, but then start chronoboosting Stalkers out while getting Warpgate Tech.

Use you're forcefield to delay the attack while getting some more Stalkers out.


Pro features[edit]

Maps with short rush distances(e.g Steppes of War, Metalopolis in close positions).

Maps with wide ramps, such as Scrap Station.

Con features[edit]

Maps with long rush distances(e.g Lost Temple in cross positions)


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