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User:Flip a flapjack/Flapjack

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Flapjack is an American Protoss player and streamer currently living in New York City.

Flapjack was introduced to Starcraft by his older brother Aummadour, originally playing Starcraft 64 on the Nintendo 64 and played as Terran.

Flapjack moved onto Starcraft 2, switching to Protoss and placing in Silver league during WOL. Flapjack played on and off throughout college, achieving gold league by the end of HOTS.

Up until this point Flapjack played 100% of his games on a laptop without a mouse, using the trackpad. This caused a wrist injury which prevented him from playing for some time.

After the release of LOTV, Flapjack finally got a decent computer (and mouse) and achieved Diamond league.

Flapjack is known for his aggressive style, especially in PvZ.

Currently Flapjack is a member of Team Legion and participates in, hosts, and casts tournaments weekly. Flapjack is also involved in The Cauldron (caster/player), Ghostts weekly (player), and Flapjack Tourneys (host, caster).