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[e][h]Forged Force Gaming
Team Information
Mitchell "Magico" Lawrence
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Forged Force Gaming or as in game tag denotes [FoFoG], is a European Starcraft 2 team based in the United Kingdom. We look to attend LAN's across Europe in many Starcraft2 Tournaments as we can. We have an active roster of high quality players.


We were established in January 2014 and now has become 4 years old in 2018 Emerged from Mythology Gaming, another European Clan, it was created to be an environment for its players to improve and prevail in the competitive scene.

The team is active in the WardiTV Team League (former SC2Improve Team League) and Alpha Team League. It was active on the Psy-eSports-League until it discontinued at the end of 2016, but not before making 5th/6th place. In addition, several players regularly attend LANs in the UK, namely epic.LAN in Kettering.

Player Roster[edit]

ID Name 2017 2018
United KingdomUnited Kingdom P Azures Timothy Marsden - -
NetherlandsNetherlands P Afelay Wesley - -
GermanyGermany P Buff Nikita Hollmann - -
P Alda - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom P TeebuL Haseeb Ishaq - -
SwedenSweden T FishbonedD Danieal Dresdner - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T GamerRichy Richard Cox - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T hendrominus - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T RazerBlader - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T Peanut - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T MythiC Thomas Simpson - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T Daspocksta Andrew Carswell - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T Ziroy Lucas Zierold - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T Distan Ryan Hamblett - -
AustriaAustria T CrazyJack Jakob Greilhuber - -
NorwayNorway T Daffe Dag Erik Gjørvad - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z Wok Ryan Liu - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z Radman Kyle Fleming - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z Fazed Alex Edwards - -
NorwayNorway Z Noodle - -
FinlandFinland Z Kalma - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z Terran - -
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z Cladorhiza - -

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
ukUnited Kingdom Z RiSky Joshua Hayward Team RevolutioN
DenmarkDenmark Z SpazyMazy Martin Mouritzen Redbloods
RomaniaRomania T Xeno Sergiu Cristescu ECVisualize
GermanyGermany P KING Timo Fischer ZZZZZ Retirement
DenmarkDenmark Z Todes Andreas Sørensen ZZZZZ Retirement


ID Name Position
United KingdomUnited Kingdom T Mag1co Mitchell Lawrence Team Owner & Manager
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