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[e][h] HyDrA
Player Information
Miguel Alberto
June 21, 1992 (1992-06-21) (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
uPǂHyDrA, HyDrA_solic, HyDrA
[hydrapt ]
Call of Tuga, GrowUPGaming

Miguel "HyDrA" Alberto is a Portuguese Zerg Player currently leading the Grow uP Gaming StarCraft 2 team.


Wings of Liberty[edit]

HyDrA bought the game upon release. He reached the top of the Diamond league within 1 month. In January, he joined NoobLandia, a Portuguese SC2 clan. After that, he and Diogo24 merged their clans into the multigaming Portuguese sensation, Grow uP Gaming. HyDrA now leads the Grow uP Gaming Starcraft 2 Elite Team.

HyDrA still hasn't placed in any online tournament, but he has maintained a presence in high masters league in ladder play. In offline tournaments, HyDrA has participated in the Portuguese scene by appearing at the XL Party'10 Lisboa and by placing 4th in the XL Party'11 Pombal.


Currently HyDrA is manager of the Portuguese Starcraft League that started on October 1st 2011.[1]

WoL Matches[edit]