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User:Istandwithmitt/Rip zeez

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[e][h]rip zeez
Team Information
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 2
Terran 2
Zerg 2


rip zeez is the Something Awful Starcraft 2 Community Team. Its name refers to a sub-forum on the Something Awful forums named "Zealot Zone", which was then merged into a greater Blizzard sub-forum when Diablo III was released. The name refers to the demise of the sub-forum, nicknamed "zeez", hence "rip zeez". The only requirement for joining zeez is having a Something Awful forums account.

rip zeez is currently inactive, and most of its players are on other teams.



  • July 9th, rip zeez is founded.
  • August 14th, In its first competitive match, rip zeez takes 3 games off professional South American team isurus in a narrow loss in the IPTL.
  • August 21st, After defeating Starcraft Ascension, Gamers’ Abyss, and Robot eSports in consecutive series, rip zeez qualifies for the ISTL.
  • September 23rd, rip zeez defeats OpTiK after an allkill by Jowj.
  • October 7th, rip zeez defeats Team prOperty after three kills by based JJH.


  • May 26th, rip zeez advances to the playoffs of SC2CTL Season 2.
  • June 2nd, rip zeez advances to the Quarter Finals of SC2CTL Season 2 by taking a 4-1 victory over GGKids.
  • June 7th, despite based Jimmeh's victory over Spectre, rip zeez loses to NDGame 1-4, securing a respectable 5th-8th place finish in SC2CTL Season 2.
  • August 10th, LiLMiSsChiBi (now borp) returns to the zeez roster.


  • January 22nd, Deadzerg joins the team.

Player Roster[edit]

The Z-Team Roster At the Time of Disbandment[edit]

Best Yearly Result

ID Name 2014
usUnited States Z Jowj 77 - 108th 2014 MLG Anaheim
usUnited States Z mochi -
usUnited States P dipwood -
usUnited States P borp -
caCanada P Deadzerg -
usUnited States T Winks 77 - 108th 2014 MLG Anaheim
gbUnited Kingdom T Jimmeh -

Lil Zeezers[edit]

ID Name
usUnited States Z Synastren ()
usUnited States P Orzo
usUnited States P Solar
usUnited States P pennywisdom
usUnited States T Grobnik
usUnited States T ghost
usUnited States T Frolic
usUnited States R GTJustin


ID Name 2014
gbUnited Kingdom T JJH -
usUnited States R Raldan -
auAustralia P Zugz -
polandPoland Z balo -


ID Name Position
USAUnited States Z Synastren Manager
USAUnited States Z yap Best Poster And Cheerleader
USAUnited States T Grobnik Former Manager and Self-BM Coordinator

Z Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2014-06-07 ERo8 SC2CTL Season 2 Playoffs Rip zeezRip zeez Rip zeez 1 : 4 No Dice GamingNo Dice Gaming No Dice Gaming

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