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[e][h]AddicT eSport
Team Information
Laurent "LeKiL" Rogers
Team Captain:
Sullyvan "Garitos" Yonnet
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


AddicT eSport is a French organisation created in 2014. AddicT was originally a League of Legends team, AddicT currently has teams in StarCraft II, Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege. AddicT is know for organized online toornament in France.

The SC2 Line Up is managed by LeKiL since June 2015, they participate in many tournaments in teams such as Pandaria, Koprulu League, WardiTV Team League.


Nickname Name Role
frFrance z LeKiL Laurent Rogers Head Manager SC2
frFrance r SaRouTo Tristan Siane Second Head Manager SC2
frFrance p Skuly César Carles Manager SC2

AddicT Line Up 1[edit]

Nickname Name
frFrance z Garitos () Sullyvan Yonnet
frFrance t Okaneby Fabien Lefrançois
frFrance p Rom Romain Congos
frFrance t FerouCyril Cyril Pantchenko
frFrance t philosorc Josselin Madec
frFrance r TheJuggler Xavier Walle

Active Player[edit]

Nickname Name
frFrance z DaVinci Léonard M.
frFrance p FlynUp Yannick M.
frFrance z StratoS Samuel A.
frFrance t Blozz Theodore L.
frFrance z Yun Toni C.
frFrance t Walker Mathis B.
frFrance p imData Theodore L.
frFrance z LhornyThorynk Mathis J.
frFrance z Klimha Anaël Q.
frFrance t FiRePlaY Lancelot A.


ID Name Position
France KanLa Alexis Vigne President
France TrezZ Illias Sakr Vice-President
France Azmog Benjamin Simon Vice-President
France Realmavi Secretary
France Yumanie Treasurer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
AddicT line Up 1
February - June 2017 Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 11 AddicT eSport 5 : 3 Houkago Tea Team $72
December 2016 - April 2017 WardiTV Team League Season 7 AddicT eSport 4 : 0 myRisk Gaming €0
April - May 2016 Koprulu League Season 3 AddicT eSport 3 : 2 Nuit Blanche €0
September - November 2016 Pandaria Season 16 AddicT eSport 3 : 2 Nuit Blanche €0
March - May 2016 Pandaria Season 15 - Division 2 AddicT eSport 3 : 2 aNgel WingS €0
AddicT line Up 2
September - November 2016 Pandaria Season 16 - Division 2 AddicT eSport 3 : 2 Orbital Colossus €0