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Advent Team

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Advent Team is a CIS e-Sports team whose StarCraft: Legacy of the Void squad was created on March 04th, 2018. The main language is russian. Man direction is an e-Sports at StarCraft II and holding top RU places. At first - that team was for fun. At second - has become an e-Sports organization on a voluntary basis.



  • March 25, First match at Alpha League in Amateur division.[1]
  • April 14, Advent Team was playing at Road To Moscow: Part 1 as a first LAN tournament.
  • August 17, Advent Team took a place at Semi-Pro division at Alpha League and played first match. [2]
  • November 10, Advent Team was playing at Road To Moscow: Part 2.
  • November 20 - December 23, Advent Team played at CIS CUP II (and make donation into price pool) and took 4th place.
  • December 14, Advent Team helped to host Russian StarCraft League #1 and played there in group D. [3]


  • January 5 - March 14 - Advent Team played Alpha League in Semi-Pro division and first time being at play-off [4]
  • March 24 - April 22 - Advent Team played at Starline Junior League and took 4th place with player Frozy [5]

Player Roster[edit]


Best Yearly Results[edit]

ID Name 2018 2019
Advent First Squad [Pro/Semi-pro]
ruRussia p Ashbinger Vyacheslav Bulatov - -
ruRussia p Frozy Oleg Danilov - -
ruRussia z Blissful Ilya Tolchev - -
ruRussia z CrazyPinguin Alexander Smurov - -
ruRussia Z Koreshok Ivan Ilyakov - -
ruRussia t ReaperGod Sergei Ilyakov - -
ruRussia t Overpass Maksim Egorov - -
Advent Second Squad [Semi-Pro]
ruRussia z Sentik Andrei Kalinin - -
ruRussia z Senya Arseniy Melihov - -
ruRussia z J_son Andrei Ushakov - -


ID Name Position
Russia Khimick Valentin Kholmogortsev Manager/Founder/Owner
Russia Executor Vladimir Ponomarev Manager/Founder/Owner
Russia NesCafe Petr Gostin Designer
Russia DizzyDwarf Mihail Petrashov Manager/Founder
Russia Mirmikita Ignat Shchikortsov Manager-helper/Manager of Academy
England Xalulaj Eral Koil Manager-helper/Manager of Academy

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
23-12-2018 CIS CUP II ALPHA LEAGUE Advent Team 4th place
Date Event Result
22-04-2019 Starline Junior League Advent Team - Frozy 3rd-4th place