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[e][h] Nbs
Player Information
Laurynas Kisielius
August 13, 1990 (1990-08-13) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
mTL.Nbs, ZypherNbs, Virus.Nbs, Quacky

Laurynas "Nbs" Kisielius was a Terran player from Lithuania, now playing professionally in League of Legends.


Wings of Liberty[edit]

Nbs left Team Sypher in April 2011 and joined against All authority, alongside his coach BoKuRa and his teammates Fargo, Feast, and Reave.

He left aAa the August 1st 2011, because aAa's staff wanted to focus on the French scene [1]. In November 2011, he joined Mistral eSport [2], and during a period of confusion in February 2012 where it was believed the team had shut down[3] he was thought to be teamless, though he is still active for Mistral.[4]

When Mistral announced their restructured organisation, he was no longer part of the team.[5]

Since around August 2012, he has retired from StarCraft II and switched to League of Legends.[6]


  • He is not to be mistaken with the Brood War player Son "Nbs" Jae Bum.


Date Event Result
2012-03-11 Black Gold Tournament  Nbs 3 : 1 Savas
2011-04-08 CraftCup Lite #49  Nbs 2 : 0 Chelovek
2011-02-01 CraftCup Lite #35  Nbs 2 : 0 RelaX



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