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Maarsch is a caster/streamer and event organizer that has belatedly come to the conclusion that a regular life may not be his thing.

Having struggled through a bunch of schools he now holds an engineering degree and is gainfully employed calculating stuff. And using that money to fuel his alternate career in e-sports.

Maarsch holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and a MSc specifically in Composite Structures.

Maarsch has lived on 4 continents and has held gainful employment in each. For reasons not quite clear Maarsch decided to get into e-sports 3 years after regularly visiting GSL finals and the Mok-Dong studio during his time living in Seoul. He now lives in not-Seoul, home to no-esports-organization, this is clearly a superiour time to start on this path.

He started his journey in Twitch/Youtube on January 2016.


Maarsch played SC2 during the beta all the way to LotV, but his most active role in esports is in attending live events rather than competing/casting.

Living in Seoul, South Korea meant that spectating meant high quality games for low cost/investment. Also it meant being subject to the Korean ladder, which impacted his ego in a negative way.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

During LotV Maarsch actually ventured into casting. Starting with a shitty mic and no webcam he started streaming. Using his non-esports money he slowly upgraded his casting rig to semi-amateur acceptable settings.

Started casting for Reddit's castit regularly.

As of July 2016 he is loosely associated with Polygon Gaming providing tournament coordination, general support, admining and casting.

Tournaments organized[edit]

Tournaments cast[edit]


  • Proud winner of several Karaoke/Noraebang competitions.
  • Will sing on stream.
  • Viewer retention not what you'd think considering above.
  • Avid boulderer
  • Used to run tabletop RPG games (and will tell you about NPC backstories for mead)


  • Rubbed Khaldor's head and lived to tell about it

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