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Miraculous Gaming

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[e][h]Miraculous Gaming
Team Information
Kenji "Freizya" Ky-Fries
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Feb. 28, 2014


Miraculous Gaming, also known as MirG, was founded by Kenji "Freizya" Ky-Fries and Young Hoon "Mercy" Cho in early 2014 to create the most competitive and community-friendly clan for players to enjoy. Miraculous Gaming, albeit new, is a very fast growing clan with members applying left and right. There are frequent clan wars, arcade nights, in-house and out-house tourneys run by the clan. The clan's name became more noticed and respected since its participation in tournaments such as SC2CTL and SC2ITL.

The Recruitment System[edit]

In order to become a member of Miraculous Gaming, one must:

- Be ranked Diamond, Master or Grand Master in SC2 LotV.

- Must not use 3rd party programs / any other malicious programs to gain an advantage.

- Absolutely not be bad mannered.

- Receive "4" votes in the public group "Miraculous". Officer's approval = 1 vote. Member's approval = 1/2 vote. These votes are obtained by playing games with members, being active, talkative, and friendly in the group chat "Miraculous".


  • February 28th, Miraculous Gaming was founded by Kenji "Freizya" Ky-Fries and Cho "Mercy" Young Hoon
  • May 1st, Miraculous Gaming website was created and officially became available to everyone.
  • June 28th, Miraculous Gaming is the runner up of the SC2 Community Team League Season 2.
  • January, Miraculous Gaming Overlay becomes available for all streamers in the clan.
  • February 28th, Miraculous Gaming celebrates it's 1 year anniversary.
  • April 29th, member DarkShadoW is removed from Miraculous Gaming for abusing 3rd-party programs.
  • December 3rd, Miraculous Gaming enters Alphasc2 Team League
  • December 19th, Miraculous Gaming hosts an Invitational Christmas tourney.
  • January 17, MirG enters DuSt League Season 2.
  • February 12, MirG enters SC2ITL season 6 Division 2
  • February 20, MirG celebrates it's 2 year anniversary.
  • March 30, MirG enters the playoffs for DuSt League Season 2.
  • May 21, MirG place 3rd in Alphasc2 Team League America.

Player Roster[edit]

Active Grandmasters[edit]

ID Name
USAUSA p Freizya Kenji Ky-Fries
krSouth Korea p Mercy Cho Young Hoon
usaUSA p Ninjasc Patrick Robb
caCanada z nickyboy Nick Murphy


ID Name New Team
usUSA z Towelie Ryan Pannell PSISTORM Gaming
usUSA z starkiller John Puchalski Ørdo Equitum
usUSA t Aegis Charles Versaw Ørdo Equitum
usUSA t TAGurPRGNANT Preston Tung Team Ascension
usUSA z McMonroe Braden Wasson Cray Squad
USAUSA P Soulquest Greg Giterman Team Gravity
USAUSA P SLOTH Matt Naugle No Dice Academy
USAUSA T GuNsHy Kevin Nagy Integrity Gaming
caCanada z Frump ZZZZZ
caCanada p MikeRoss Antoine Dessureault Boreal eSports
usaUSA z Casper Vincent Calderon
krSouth Korea p Zoun Park Han Sol Prime
usaUSA z MandyMoore Imperative Gaming
caCanada z ZerGWaVe BrawL eSports
usaUSA p NerdStompR Josh Smith Retired



ID Name Position
usaUSA p Freizya Kenji Ky-Fries Owner & Co-Founder
krSouth Korea P Mercy Young Hoon Cho Co-Founder and Graphic Designer
krSouth Korea t HeaT Junhyung So Community Director / Event Coordinator
CACanada Z Nickyboy Nick Murphy Caster/Assistant Manager
usaUSA P PreTenD Chris Dow Clan Manager
CACanada Z IronY Ethan Braun Assistant Manager
SGSingapore p Nemesis Eliz Tung Assistant Manager
usUSA z PuGGy Bartek Turek Assistant Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Team Score Opponent Winnings
2014-06-28 Starcraft 2 Community Team League Season 2 Miraculous Gaming 1 : 4 MicroGamerZ $200
DRo4 2014-06-28 Starcraft 2 Community Team League Season 2 Miraculous Gaming 4 : 0 Integrity Gaming
2016-05-21 Alpha SC2 Team League America Miraculous Gaming 3 : 0 Imperative Gaming

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